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Kawasan Falls

Updated on March 30, 2012

Kawasan Falls 2nd level

2nd level of Kawasan Waterfalls on Cebu Island
2nd level of Kawasan Waterfalls on Cebu Island | Source

Eco Tourism Cebu: Kawasan Falls

The exotic Islands of the Philippines are known for great beaches and diving spots. It's also known for being one of the most polluted countries in the World. It's kinda seldom you find an offer for eco tourism, but some parts of the Southern Philippines called the Visayas offer great landscapes and some opportunities for discovering great nature. While staying in Cebu City last year I wanted to make a daytrip to a eco destination and found Kawasan Falls while doing an online search.

First of all I found out the location displayed on Google maps was around 100 Miles off (Kawasan is southwest to Malboal if you care to look it up on a real map), but Ramil, my taxi driver from Cebu knew where it was. A 3 hour trip from the Cebu City across the island brought me and my friend to a parking lot where tour guides were waiting to guide tourists to 3 levels of waterfalls. It's about a kilometer of walking along a small river with a hydro power plant until you hit the first level. The ascend is easily achieved. It hosts a small lake where people can swim. It's surrounded by a restaurant and small hotel offering daytime cabins for reasonable fees. A beautiful place to take a rest and relax while enjoying pure nature.

Another 15 mins of uphill trekking will bring you to the second level. This march is a bit more demanding and leads to another lake, more shallow then the first one, but bigger. All the way up this unique green-blue shine of cold spring water supports my idea of clean eco tourism, but close to the source there are about a dozen of locals washing their clothes. Obviously, this uniquely shining water is not clean at all, but a result of pollution from detergent and soap. I am shrugging of my disbelief about eco-tourism in the Philippines and ask our guides why people are allowed to wash their clothes at the source of the water. 'Sir, the water is very clean. It's the best place to wash clothes.' I shake my head and say to myself 'Only in the Philippines'. Really, one can't be mad at them because they act in good faith. They just don't know how much they damage nature when they pollute at the source. Still: it's a nice trip, but next time I won't be swimming in the water again.

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Swimming and Relaxing

Swimming and enjoying paradise in Cebu. Mostly Asian tourists gather here with family and friends.
Swimming and enjoying paradise in Cebu. Mostly Asian tourists gather here with family and friends.


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    • profile image

      Trike Drive 5 years ago

      Kawasan Falls are beautiful. Yes, people wash their clothes there. This should not be allowed right at the source. It's a pity. They could just get the fresh water and take it home to wash their clothes imho.

    • cebutouristspot profile image

      cebutouristspot 6 years ago from Cebu

      P.S. If you venture further you will be amaze as what you will see :D

      You cant blame the people. Since most people that live there are poor and dont have water access. They probably wash there cloth there and get drinking water there too.

      Kawasan falls is an old time favorite here in Cebu.

    • milynch43 profile image

      milynch43 6 years ago from Philippines

      The water is crystal clear and constantly replenished. An overlooked threat is the depth of the water at main falls. About 30 meters. Drownings are not that uncommon. Life preservers are provided and should be used.