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Kayak Lake Tahoe

Updated on July 11, 2012
The X is the start point. Arrows are fantastic beaches.
The X is the start point. Arrows are fantastic beaches.
King's Beach State Park @ Kings Beach
King's Beach State Park @ Kings Beach

From King's Beach to Nevada

For those interested in kayaking in the north Lake Tahoe area, a great kayak route is from King's Beach in California to Crystal Bay, Nevada, about 1.5 miles one way. The King's Beach State Park has a great small boat ramp to launch from, or, you can launch from the beach. The whole trip is about two hours, round trip.

Kayaking the lake is fairly easy if you stay within 2-300 yards of the shoreline because ski boats and jet skis stay afar due to the shallowness. Boulders and sandbars are frequently encountered in parts. Staying this close to shore insures that you will have the least amount of waves from the ski boats (there are not a lot on the lake).

The water is, well, simply stunning. Crystal clear, like looking through glass to the bottom some 10 to 100 ft. It reminds me of tropical beaches where one sees fish from a boat. Lake Tahoe is one of America's cleanest, pure lakes, fed by snow from the Alpine-like mountains that surround it. The north end of the lake tends to be more shallow near beach areas, thus, the water is warmer to swim in (it is still cold).

The kayak trip (as shown on the map) will pass mostly private homes and anchored boats and studded tall pine trees. The shore is mostly rocky, not suitable to landing until you reach the areas (arrows) where near white sand beaches exist and water that is so clear. These areas are very shallow. As you kayak, one has to be aware of boulders and rocks. These beaches are private, but, unless they are packed with people, you can use it for a quick pit stop to swim and stretch. Once you come around the "point" you are in the State of Nevada. What you see in the vista is Incline Village, famed for its winter skiing and in the summer, large, sandy beach.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe is a wonderful, zen-like experience. The vistas of the ocean-like lake, surrounded by tall mountains, the rolling clear water is why millions of tourists from around the world go there. The odd thing is that despite the clear water and being able to see the bottom, not once did I see any fish!


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      Mark 5 years ago

      Kayaking is great way to spend your time at Lake Tahoe. It's a lot of fun and keeps your backside protected from the always present homosexuals.