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Kayaking Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Updated on February 22, 2015

Kotor Bay, Montenegro, is one of those places that have to be seen to be believed. It is almost painfully beautiful, with rugged hills towering over rustic red roofed towns and historic villages, crowded marinas and peaceful bays. The best way to see it, one could say, is from the water. Leaving the mountains and our river rafting adventures behind us, we headed to the South West of Montenegro, for the Adriatic coast, where kayaking on Kotor Bay awaited us. We started this next portion of our Adriatic adventure in Kotor's old town.

Kotor is a mediaeval miracle of stone and red tile, a maze of cobblestone streets and ancient architecture. Before we took to the water, we took the time to explore the old town on foot – in the baking heat the cool shade provided by the ramshackle buildings was much appreciated. We climbed up slowly along the old fortress walls to St. Ivan's Castle – quite a feat in the temperatures we were experiencing, even so early in the morning, so we were very glad that we had plenty of water with us in our water bottles. The climb was worth it though, if only for the views out over the sparkling bay, but the history too was very interesting, the various periods of architecture telling a fascinating story of this region.

We were relieved when we finally took to the water, where it was a little cooler, and we could appreciate a different angle on the Montenegrin coast. We took to the water with our young guide and for several hours we paddled gently round the Bay, sometimes far out from the shoreline, sometimes approaching it closely so our guide could tell us some titbit of history or a myth or legend associated with a certain spot. His job must be one of the most pleasant jobs in the world, to spend the day showing people his beautiful homeland, and spending time on the water that he loves. Although the Bay of Kotor is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination in the region, on this particular day we had the Bay almost to ourselves, and there were few other people on the water. It was so peaceful that we were a little sad to return to shore.

However, there was more of the beautiful coastline to be seen. We headed next for Budva, another picturesque town groaning with the weight of historical gems. Our guide for the kayaking expedition had told us that the best way to see the views of and from Budva was to scale the city walls, but that most tourists struggle to find their way up there. There are only two ways up, and both are unsigned and not particularly easy to find. However, with our guides instructions ringing in our ears we did indeed manage to find one of the doors and ascend to the ramparts.

For the rest of the day we explored the town, and took photographs of nearby Sveti Stefan, sadly this unbelievable fishing village island is now turned over to luxury accommodation and cordoned off – its beds far beyond our price scale. Still, we took some fantastic pictures none the less, before we called it a day.


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Kotor Bay:
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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Bay of Kotor:
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

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Montenegro facts

Largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
45% Montenegrins 29% Serbs 9% Bosniaks 5% Albanians 12% others
Parliamentary republic
Duklja was vassal of Byzantine empire in
6th century
Area - Total
13,812 km2 5,332 sq mi
Population - 2014 census
73/km2 175/sq m
2014 estimate $9.499 billion
Per capita
HDI (2013)
Increase 0.789 high
Time zone
Drives on the
Calling code
Internet TLD

Montenegro Adriatic coast

Kotor old town

Kotor old town:
Old Town, Budva, Montenegro

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Kotor old town:
Entrance of Old Town Kotor, Kotor, Montenegro

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Kotor old town

Kotor Bay

Kotor Bay:
Kotor Bay Connect, Dobrota, Montenegro

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Kotor Bay


Budva, Montenegro

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Sveti Stefan

Last photos of the beautiful place called Montenegro

Finally :)

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    • traveleze profile imageAUTHOR

      Lee John 

      3 years ago from Preston

      Hi katiecianni

      Thanks for your kind feedback highly appreciated and glad you like my work.



    • katiecianni profile image

      Katie Cianni 

      3 years ago from Cheshire

      Another wonderfully written hub thanks for sharing


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