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Kayaking in Connecticut

Updated on February 2, 2018
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Kerrie is an avid hiker and adventure lover of all things outdoors, plus a part time dog walker and hikes with her two Goldendoodles daily!

Kayaking I'm Essex CT

Connecticut has some wonderful places to explore, especially while on a kayak! If you're like me and love to explore new areas at a more leisure pace, then this article if for you. I started kayaking about 10 years ago now. We bought our own kayaks 5 years after that when we got tired of renting everywhere!

Essex CT

On this particular day, we had just kayaked in Essex, right off of Main Street by the historic Griswold Inn. We put our kayaks into the marina right off the river where it was quiet and away from the current. There is a little town green with a cute gazebo, with people reading, sunning themselves or throwing a ball around. Easy to throw your kayak in right there and even park your car in the lot right next to the green. As we paddled off we immediately came upon over 50 beautiful swans just floating around in the cove. Not knowing what to do, we slowly paddled right through the center of them all, lucky they were kind enough to let us pass without any harm. It really was a beautiful experience and I wish I had video of it!

After making our way through the swans, we paddled quietly around the cover, admiring the beautiful homes on the shore. Gorgeous boats moored in the marina bobbed up and down. We could even see some sea birds perched in the tall grasses along the bank. Paddling around just soaking up the sun and scenery is what we love to do most. I bring along my trusty camera and constantly snap away! After about an hour and a half of paddling we were getting burned and tired so headed back to the shore for lunch! If we wanted to, we could easily follow the cove around and take off down the CT river for a bit but on this day, we were not prepared for that strong of a paddle. Like I said in the beginning, I'm more of a leisure paddler than a strong current kind of girl!

Lunch at The Griswold Inn

After an afternoon of paddling a girl can work up an appetite. If you're so inclined, hop on over to one of the many adorable restaurants along Main Street and you won't be disappointed. We had lunch in the pub at The Griswold Inn. A beautiful, historic building built in 1776 that's home to a wonderful pub/restaurant and amazingly still runs as one of the oldest continusiously running inns in the country!

Walking down to the historic seaport village of Essex, Connecticut

After lunch, take a little stroll down Main Street to the river front harbor. You'll enjoy the stunning old homes and picket fences along the path. At the end, you'll find a beautiful walking dock overlooking Essex harbor and the Connecticut River Museum. It is also a great vantage point to see bald eagles and migratory birds and a great spot to take in the stunning waterfront.

Renting kayaks

Ct has many places to rent if you didn't want to make the leap to purchasing your own just yet. Most of the places that rent also have the water source on their property. I have been to all of these spots personally and plan to write in more detail as I can!

Ready to hit the water with these two fur balls!


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