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Keeping Safe Whilst Travelling

Updated on December 15, 2011
Image: Stuart Miles /
Image: Stuart Miles / | Source

Safe travel tips

Keeping safe while travelling doesn’t have to take a lot. Sometimes it’s just applying a little bit of common sense, other times it’s knowing something you didn’t think of before. Either way, staying safe on holiday should be on the top of everyone’s travel agenda!

Here are a few helpful tips on keeping you, your family and your belongings safe whilst you’re away:

Keeping in Touch
First and foremost, make sure you have left copies of your travel plans with close friends or family members. This means that in case of any emergency they can get hold of you, but also, in the worst case scenario local authorities know your whereabouts. Include flight details, resort, hotel name and tour operator.

Leaving details with family and friends is especially important if you are travelling by yourself.

Also, keep in touch whilst you are away, to let loved ones know you are safe and well. A quick text or phone call doesn’t cost much but it lets people know you are safe.

If you are travelling with medication, other than over the counter drugs, make sure your drugs and medication are accompanied by a letter from your Doctor. This letter should name each medicine, with your Doctor confirming their essential use. This avoids any unnecessary concerns at customs.

Money & Cards
Whilst it’s important to travel with some cash, it’s not advisable to travel with hundreds or thousands of pounds in your pocket for the duration of your trip. If you can, withdraw cash, or cash Travellers’ Cheques, as and when you need them. And keep any money not needed that day in your hotel safety deposit box.

Dress appropriately
Whilst tourists are usually pretty easy to spot, some are easier to recognise than others! With that in mind, consider what you are wearing when you go exploring. If you are going to a more humble district for instance, don’t wear expensive branded clothing. Keep it casual rather than ‘glam’.

This also extends to jewellery. Keep it to a minimum, and that includes costume jewellery - it’s still shiny and eye-catching!

Local Customs and Laws
Every country has a different law or custom and it’s vitally important that you familiarise yourself with these so you don’t land up in trouble. Showing respect to the local people, by observing their customs – whether that’s appropriate dress in holy places, beach etiquette, or tipping - will make your time more enjoyable without any risk of the local police getting involved.

Local Transport
If you need to travel via taxi, ask your hotel reception to organise this for you. They will use only licensed taxis, rather than an overcharging, uninsured vehicle.

Hotel Safety Deposit Boxes
Once you have settled yourself into your hotel be sure to book a hotel room safety deposit box. In here you should place all your valuables, such as passports, travel tickets and documents, money and cash cards and even electrical equipment and mobile phones.


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