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Keeping Seat Hoggers out of your Space on the Plane

Updated on February 16, 2012


I’m sure most of us have been in this situation before, whereby you sit on a plane and someone just keeps on moving into your space. I try to avoid it, by requesting a window seat before boarding. However, there are other alternative ways to deal with it.



After asking some friends, this is what they came up with:

1) Open up a large newspaper, very wide and pretend to read it.

2) Put them outside, on top of the plane. (funny suggestion and not included in poll below).

3) One said, if a person is very big, they should buy two seats. I have reserved thoughts about that, as I think the airline can give them two seats, without asking for extra pay because they are doing it for the comfort of other customers. “Accommodating their needs?”

4) If you are good at acting, cough loudly, sneeze and keep on blowing your nose, until the person next to you thinks you have a horrible disease. They will sit still and might even move away from you slightly.

5) Have a mean looking face. Look like thunder!!


What do I think? Fly in style, just like the photo below.

Luxury Plane

Which of the above do you think would be most effective?

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Ps. I am sorry I have closed this to comments. In the last few days, Hubpages have unpublished 2 of my Hubs.(Last year, I edited them when unpublished, but they weren't republished). This means people can’t access the Hub, if they want to go back to it and if they have shared it, people can’t open it. Also, if I reply to comments, Hubbers will not see it. An issue affecting many Hubbers....

You can still rate the article. I appreciate you taking time to read it. I hope to include the comments box again soon, hopefully... when they stop unpublishing my Hubs.

Thanks, Elena.

Feb 2012




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