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Kerala : The land of culture

Updated on December 19, 2013

How long it takes to reach Kerala ?

I started on time from New Delhi. The train was crowded full of passengers as my class was unreserved.I was not able to get reservation but I had my interview hence I had no option except to go. The train gained it`s motion and I was soon heading towards my destination at a speed more than 80 kmph. The rain god Indra was not very happy with my departure so he poured his water over the part of Delhi which I could see.It was past 10 o`clock but the sleep was away from eyes. I was happy I was going to the destination I had desired intensely to go.I passed my whole night sitting and wondering the beauty of my country.Different landscapes bring different attitude in their inhabitants.I found myself travelling across the plateau of the south. Well I had to spent my two days in train in order to reach Banglore.

I got down the train and was nearly much confused but a fellow traveler from Kashmir helped to get to the bus stand. I initially desired to travel further by bus but I was stupefied by the hefty fares of it and I decided to continue my journey with Indian railways.

I took the ticket of a superfast and waited on the station.The thing that irritated me was the absence of Hindi.But I moved on and got a seat in the general class. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the floor.An elderly lady approached me for the seat , I was again pleased with the manner of her asking, in opposite to the north Indians who ask in the way as if they are traditional enemy.

Well the train moved with surmounting force towards it`s destination and it was midnight. I met a gentle man, he was from Kerala. We discussed about many contemporary issues but our approach was spiritual.I was impressed with the knowledge he had.I again retired for dizziness overtook me.

At four in the morning I reached .Ernakulam Jn. A gentle man was kind enough to wake me up. I got down on the platform and was Immediately pleased by the cleanliness of the station. I went for the morning rituals and again the level of tidiness pleased me.The people respected here the famous quote given by the Mahatma Gandhi "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." I phoned my seniors about my arrival and they assured me to receive me within an hour.

The backwaters of Kerala.
The backwaters of Kerala. | Source
The  St. Francis church standing in full glory.
The St. Francis church standing in full glory. | Source
The front view of St. basilica church, fort Kochi.
The front view of St. basilica church, fort Kochi. | Source
The dutch cemetery.
The dutch cemetery. | Source
The giant sprawl that made me amazed.
The giant sprawl that made me amazed. | Source

Kerala : The God`s own country

I followed my seniors and we got a bus to reach our test center. I was fascinated by the bus interiors and I was amazed to see a Lady conductor. The level of education in Kerala has really reached it`s true meaning, what our founding fathers dreamed of. The bus was moving in full speed and we were enchanted by the morning prayer. Though it was in Malayalam but still we were able to get the pleasure from the divinity it radiated.

I moved to my center where I saw girls in saree. They were volunteers. I was happy to see that India still has her culture atleast in this part.They were very frank and were happily sorting out the problems of the candidates.There willingness to help with such a dedication displayed blithe that can never be found in a selfish person. I was escorted to the computer lab where I had to mess with my destiny. I had forgot my pen(as usual ).I was flanked by a wonderful girl. She noticing my embarrassment readily gave me her pen. Again it impressed me , and I admired Keralites.I finished my test and waited for the results. My seniors were out for another interview and hence I could not leave the college campus.

The results were declared and I was not able to make in the list but a senior of mine was selected. I was happy to inform him and I asked him about the details of the ways on which I had to plod in order to have a rendezvous with him. I was bit annoyed at the fare system of the auto drivers . There minimum charge was 35 rs. I had to go just few kilometers yet I was demanded 35 rs as per as rules.I decide to go by bus.I reached De Paul college where my senior was attempting the exam.I with them headed towards my most desired destination which was the villa of my senior where I was to stay. Thank god I found there a north Indian dhaba and I quenched my appetite.We waited till 8 o`clock. My senior arrived and had some pleasantries shared with me. I fell the first victim to the lethargy.

I woke up late in the morning but quickly freshened my self up and went down for a break fast.I after that headed for the most desired destination and desire- to see a beach. I after many difficulties was able to get to the back water. From there I descended on a ferry which would take me to the Fort Kochi.

As soon as I ascended the island I was immediately vexed by the atmosphere there. The streets seemed to of late 17th and 18th centuries and were deeply influenced by the western cultures.I prioritized to see the sea first which was chief reason for the diversion of History of our country.

My ploddings were fruitful and for the first time in my life I saw a water body which such a sprawl. The horizon ahead was like a line which demarcated ocean and the sky. I saw a distant ship sailing. I was enthralled at the idea of being a sailor.I admired for a long time the beauty of the sea. I wanted to go further ahead for a more broader view but I was warned by Navy authorities. I decided to explore the interiors of the Landscape which has strange attraction.

I beheld the dutch cemetery from outside as it was locked. I have a strong taste for exploring the life of personal people now doomed, and the places which surround mystic elements.I visited the Navy museum I acquired strong desire to go into the study of vintage historical weapons.I there found out the pride of our navy which once existed in Pre-British era.

From their I went to the old Bishop`s house and admired the museum dedicated to the memory of the church and Christ.I again reverted back but this time I decided to see the churches which were nearly the oldest structure standing in the vicinity.I went to explore St. Francis church which was built in 1503 AD. Vasco da Gama having died in 1524 was buried here.It was a moment which I would never forget. A man who was buried nearly 500 years ago had diverted the history of Asia and Europe !

I went for further exploration and I found Santa Cruz Basilica which was originally built in 1548 AD by the Portuguese. The dutch conquerors spared this catholic structure while they destroyed many others.I really feel bad for the religious attitude that Westerners have shown in the past.

I then knew that time is running out so I was not able to explore the place any further and took the ferry which would subsequently lead to the bus station from where I would go to the shelter where my seniors would be waiting for me.

I reached home and found that my senior had well done in the interview and we all moved for the dinner.Next day I soon washed my self after morning rituals and I headed for the station to bid adieu the wonderful place where I had sojourned for 2 days.

End of journey

So this was the authentic account of my travel and the things which I observed in that beautiful Indian State. To every Indians and the ones labeled as foreigners I would recommend that if they really want to see the exact ideology of India, they should visit Kerala. I know that not very place is perfect so there-- even in the concerned state, some discrepancies might prevail which just my observation skipped, but for rest I assure you all that Indeed in the way Kerala is our founding fathers wanted India to become in future.

A markerFort Kochi, Kerala , India -
Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala, India
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The location about which the whole incident is described.

The best Indian state in tourism !

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    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 4 years ago from Lucknow, India

      Thank you George ! :)

    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 4 years ago from India

      Kerala is one such travel destination in India which is rich in heritage, culture and hospitality. Ravi has really projected this in a wonderful manner through this hub.