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Kerala hotels in Chennai

Updated on April 21, 2012

You can find at least a Malayalee or a person with native place Kerala in every corner of earth where a human being can leave. As a malayalee I always wanted to have Kerala food or malayalee food whereever I go. Now I am in chennai. Here I am listing the malayalee hotels or kerala hotels in chennai.

Kumarakom Hotels

If you are going only for Kerala food at one time there are many hotels. Kumarakom hotels have a good chain in chennai. You can get a detailed map of Kumarakom hotel chain in the link. There are seven hotels in the Kumarakom hotel chain. These hotels are available at Adayar, Velachery, Thyragaraya nagar, Ramavaranam, Annanagar, Kodambakkam. In these hotels you can get Kerala dishes like Kappa, Malabar fish curry etc.

Malayala Nadu hotel

It is another hotel where you can get Kerala dishes. Even though the food is of very good quality they are not concentrating on publicity. This is a small hotel also. Here also you can get good quality Kappa and fish curry. Since they are not that popular you cannot find them by searching in internet. But it is near to ega theater which you can easily find using google map. It is opposite to SBI ATM near to ega theater. The GPS co ordinates of the place is 13.078902,80.23726. If you are unable to find using the description use GPS co ordinates.

Kerala Cafe

This is another hotel where you can get good quality food in Chennai. This is in the OMR road or IT highway near the bus stop PTC. This is enough famous so that you can find it by searching it in google map. Here is the GPS co ordinates  12.929832,80.231581.


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