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Killer trout fishing Morgan Falls in Roswell Georgia

Updated on December 2, 2014

Trout Fishing at Morgan falls in Roswell Ga.

I done good. I caught six nice trout. This is a really cool place to fish for trout close to Atlanta. I will usually start out using just worms to trout fish with during cold winter months as this seems to work best. Most fish during the winter are going to bite real bait that can just sit still and deep. The reason for this is because in the rigid cold water, fish metabolism slow down, and they just aren’t real eager to chase anything like spinners, or any quick moving artificial baits. I have never had any luck getting a trout to come top water and hit flies, poppers, or any top water lures.

The entrance gate leading to the bottom of the Morgan Falls Dam closes at six O’clock every evening, so since it was getting late, I just didn’t stop to buy any worms, but I figured since it was my first time there, I would just scope the place out, and play around with some artificial bait’s.

I started with a few of the small pink and white rubber trout worms, and for about an hour didn’t even get a bite, then for the heck of it, I played around with a top water cricket popper, thirty minutes of that, and nothing, nodda, not even a bite. I then put on a medium diving artificial crawdad, and bam my first cast was a hard hitting rainbow trout about twelve inches long that put up a hard fight, dancing on the top of the water all the way in. After that, literally within about an hour and a half, between 4:30pm and 6:00pm I caught six keepers all over 10”. It was a thrill to say the least.

I located myself about 200 yards down from the dam, and the trout were out fairly deep because of the cold water. So what I had to do was cast the artificial crawdad out about 100’, and immediately reel in the slack from the line, and get the lure active while it was still out in the deep. Once the lure floated close to the bank, there were no hits whatsoever.

Be aware, waders won’t get you out very far from the bank, most of the river drops off fairly deep within about five feet from the shoreline, but waders do help.

This is an excellent trout fishing spot, I highly suggest if you enjoy catching trout, not just fishing for trout that you visit this spot and give it a try. The location is off of Atlanta Street in Roswell. You have to turn down Morgan Falls Dam rd. and it’s about a mile down from there.

I also found a killer restaurant within about ten minutes from there.

Spiced Right Ribs

Perfect for a Atlanta Date

Trout Fishing in North Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers
Trout Fishing in North Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Lakes, Reservoirs, and Rivers

details every public body of water in north Georgia that is suitable for trout fishing. It also includes Information on the history and variety of trout; suggested equipment, tackle, and techniques; regulations; and advice on fishing the various waters.



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