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Kings Dominion Coupons

Updated on May 12, 2011

Kings Dominion Coupons

Are you looking for Kings Dominion coupons? Kings Dominion is a popular park just south of WashingtonD.C. in Doswell, Virginia. The entire amusement park is situated on about 400 acres of land that features a total of roughly 60 rides for entertaining people of all ages. The park officially opened in 1975 and has exchanged the hands of ownership several times before settling with Cedar Fair, who owns other popular parks like Carowinds, Cedar Point and Kings Island. Like other Cedar Fair parks, Intamin AG has designed and built the newest rollercoaster for 2010, known as Intimidator 305. Intimidator 305 was named after Dale Earnhardt Sr. and happens to be the second gig coaster found in North Get Kings Dominion coupons so you can save money during your time in the amusement park on tickets, food and other merchandise.

Did you know that Kings Dominion, the amusement park employs over 1,300 people each year? The park needs that many people to run the huge park that also houses a water park and kids amusement ride area.

Kings Dominion Coupons Online offers promotional codes to site users for discounts on ticket prices and on occasion, meal packages for use at the amusement park. Usually once during the season, a meal and ticket combo coupon will also be offered. Copy and paste the above code and paste it into your browser to see current coupons that are offered. and are alternative options to for coupons to use for Kings Dominion.

Visit the official website of Kings Dominion at: to check to see if the park is offering any promotional offers or coupons that can be used during their season. For your information, the season at the amusement park runs from late march until the end of October.

Visit and to find coupons and discounted tickets. Some sellers may sell tickets that they will not be able to use at cheap prices.

Kings Dominion Discounts Found Locally

If you are still having difficulty finding Kings Dominion coupons online then call around to several of local hotels nearby the amusement park. Some hotels near Kings Dominion offer reduced tickets, coupons and other deals if you stay at their establishment. Some hotels may also directly sell discounted tickets or give away coupons at the front desk.

Recreational establishments in the Dowsell and Richmond area also offer tickets at reduced prices. Contact PrinceGeorgeCounty at: 804-733-2646 for more information. Other parks include: Henrico and AlbemarleCounties. Google both counties to obtain their websites to find contact information for Kings Dominion Coupons and discount tickets.

Some local grocery store chains in the area may also sell tickets at discounted prices.

Discounts for College Students

If you are student in a Virginia college or university, then contact your school’s administration office to obtain coupons or discount tickets. Virginia Tech, as of 2010, can buy tickets at reduced prices. Employees of the school are also eligible.

Kings Dominion: Intimidator 305 Footage

Kings Dominion coupons can save a family a lot of money through discount tickets and food combos.
Kings Dominion coupons can save a family a lot of money through discount tickets and food combos.

Kings Dominion Amusement Park

A marker16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047 -
16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047, USA
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