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Kissing the Blarney Stone Long Distance

Updated on April 23, 2012
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle

There's a little green island in the Atlantic, full of mystery, culture, and allure for countless people. The infamous Little Green Men hail from there, and practically every American at least claims to have ancestors who once lived in the beautiful place known as Ireland.

Many, many people make it their dream vacation spot, and tourism has become a major industry there. But if it's in your dreams and you just haven't quite made it yet, maybe try a few of these things to get yourself in the spirit for kissing Blarney stones, step dancing, and the wearin' o' the green.

Read the History

Ireland has some great history, whether it's the ancient days of pagans and druids, or it's conversion to Christianity through Patrick, or more recent stories of the struggle for national independence.

Also, the legends and fairy tales can be exciting and amusing. The Irish have a penchant for weaving a good story and telling them with style, so there's something that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Visit an Irish Pub

There are many of them around the U.S., particularly in cities and states with a large Irish heritage. A quick internet search should find the best ones in your area, and there you can have your fill of culture, whether it's the music, food (which has mostly been Americanized), and most especially the alcohol.

It is, after all, a pub. So expect to find a good selection of Irish beers, ales, and whiskeys. All of the Saint Patty's day drinking jokes aren't necessarily fictitious, and alcohol is a big part of Irish culture. So belly up, and have your best toasts ready!

Find Some Fiddlin'

The music of Ireland is famous world-wide, and one thing that they hold near and dear to their hearts. Because their history is somewhat poverty-ridden, the beautiful priceless things in life were what the Irish people held dear, and music was one of the most cherished. With it they told their stories of love, loss, war, suffering, and joy.

But Irish music is noted for it's universality. It's beloved by millions around the globe for it's appealing tunes and catchy or haunting lyrics.

Take Some Step Dancing Lessons!

Riverdance brought Irish Step Dance to the public conscious in 1994, and since then other troupes have increased it's popularity. But you don't have to be part of a line of professionals to enjoy doing it yourself. Find a class in your area, and tap away! It's simple enough that anyone can pick it up, and even though most of us will never be pros, it can provide a great pastime with the added benefit of exercise.

Watch an Irish Movie

There are some great Irish movies, ranging from tragic to funny, classic to new. The Irish are noted for their sense of humor, and if you want to laugh there's the good old John Wayne film The Quiet Man. But perhaps even more powerful is the more modern story of the 1916 War for Independence, The Wind that Shakes the Barley. Which means that when it's movie night, you can find whatever suits your fancy to feed your Irish frenzy.


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    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      Ireland is wonderful, and has a certain atmosphere, it glows and the countrsyide and beaches and history are right at your fingertips. As for the horses.....some of the best there are anywhere.

    • collegatariat profile image

      collegatariat 5 years ago

      clairemy, is Ireland as amazing as everyone imagines it to be? Because while trying to imbibe it long distance is the best thing I can do, the second best is to hear from people who actually have seen it. Thanks for stopping by!

    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      What good ideas of how to feel Ireland from a distance. I , however am one of the lucky people who has been there for real and kissed the Blarney Stone.