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Kisumu City

Updated on November 5, 2015

Kisumu city

Kisumu city

Over the past sixteen years, I have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Kisumu is one of the best towns in Kenya. I have always tried to get a chance to tour this town and explore the beauty of the Kenyan land, the land that is believed to be the most beautiful in eastern and central Africa. There are many reasons that have made me love Kisumu town, not because it is in my homeland but because of various recreational factors, topographical factors as well as the geographical factors.

To start with, the presence of the impala game park in Kisumu city makes this city a place to be. There is a variety of wild animals that are viewed by the tourists both from outside and within the country. This park has made this place be so lovely that many people are trying their best to ensure that they at least heave a look at the wild animals. This has also helped the education sector in Kenya and its neighboring countries. After students have been taught in class about the wild animals, they now have a chance to see the animals that they just learned in class. This helps them have a picture of the animals in their mind for a longer period of time compared to learning in class and stopping there.

Secondly, there is Riat Hills in this big city, Kisumu city, which has really transformed peoples’ lives in this region. There are several contractors that have taken the responsibility of transforming this hill into something that is more admirable and beneficial to the people living in its locality. They have now constructed various estates that have made this place to shine once again. The constructed estate has a wonderful atmosphere as well as an aerial view of the beautiful lake scenery.

In addition, the presence of Lake Victoria in this wonderful city has really boosted the economy of this city. Many investors are coming in this region because of this lake. Walking in this region in the afternoon viewing the beautiful are in this region as well as enjoying the breeze from the lake has really attracted many investors and many are still rushing to buy property in this city. This lake is also an enormous source of fish not only for people living around it but also for the entire country. This is a good source of protein, which is now available at a relatively cheaper price.

The presence of Lake Victoria in this region has been of great benefit to the people in this region even more than the entire country. It has created employment for many people starting from the casual workers to the highly trained workers. Many people have now embraced fishing as their source of income. Others have ventured into transportation where as others are in the marketing industry. This has also lead to the emergence of various fish processing industries that has offered employment to many people in the country. It has also increased the country’s revenue thus raising the standards of the people in Kenya.

Kisumu city has really developed in the industrial sector. It is now among the towns in Kenya with the most productive industries. The presence of the molasses plant that is used in the manufacture of spirits as well as alcohol has made this town to be well known by many people in the world. This is because of the high quality products being produced from this industry thus being loved by the end users. In addition, the products from this plant are less expensive compared to other industries in the same field.


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