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Kitty Knight House, History and Romance

Updated on August 21, 2014
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Shelly loves writing, reading, history, family, dogs, cats and travel. This self published author also loves to learn and share.

The Kitty Knight House

The Kitty Knight House located on the Sassafras River in Georgetown, Maryland sits upon a hill overlooking the river. This historic house started out as two houses that have now become one. The Kitty Knight House is now a bed and breakfast of sorts.

However, it didn’t start out that way. History is not clear on when the houses were built, but it was sometime between 1773 and 1783. Originally the two brick houses belonged to two different families. The Knight family was a wealthy and prominent family back in the late 1700’s and they were the owners of one of the houses.

The other home, it is said, was owned by an older woman that was not in good health. So, when the British moved up the Sassafras River during the War of 1812, burning as they went, this elderly woman was unable to leave her home.

Catherine Knight, known to many as Kitty was a member of the elite upper class in the area, but was a very stubborn and humble person. She stood by her neighbor and begged the British not to burn the houses.

Admiral Cockburn, commander of the British forces, ordered the houses burned. No one is really sure what happened that changed the Admiral’s mind, but he did. Kitty, history tells us, begged and pleaded for the British not to burn the houses, and ran around putting out the fires as they were started. In the end, the houses were spared and Kitty Knight became a hero.

Today the houses are connected and are operated as a full service Inn and Restaurant. Patrons can come and enjoy a delicious meal and take in the panoramic view of the Sassafras River, and the Georgetown Harbor.

Wedding can be held here on the lawn with the view of the surrounding area. The Inn provides catering and lodging. For those looking for a destination wedding this is a place to consider. From May until October they have a tented pavilion available, with several food and beverage options to choose from. Intimate rehearsal dining options are also available.

Weekend getaways are popular at the Kitty Knight House. People travel by boat to get to this lovely Inn, as well as by car.

Music on the deck during the summer months is very popular with the locals, stop in and check it out. Enjoy the glow of the lights on the deck along with the moon and stars on a summer night while you listen to live music and enjoy some dancing.

Views of the Kitty Knight House

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Haunted or Not?

It seems that the spirit of Kitty Knight is still tending to her beloved house. Rumors persist that the Kitty Knight House is haunted by Miss Kitty herself.

The staff and the locals tell a tale of mystery and haunting at the Inn. Reports of doors opening and closing on their own throughout the Inn are whispered among the staff. The staff has also reported seeing lights on the second and third story rooms, with shadows of people walking around. When the lights were investigated no one was in those rooms.

The ghostly apparition of what many think is Kitty Knight is sometimes spotted standing by the door. Guests that sleep in room 4 will tell you that the door opens and closes on its own quite frequently, and many other strange things happen in and around room number 4. What is so special about room number 4? It is said to be Miss Kitty Knight’s room.

Kitty Knight House

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Are you looking for a romantic getaway for two? This just might be the place for you. This Inn has eleven elegantly decorated rooms, with king, queen and double beds. Enjoy the views of the river, harbor or the surrounding countryside from your room.

The staff is friendly and committed to making your experience a wonderful one. The ambience of the deck, the delightful menu, and the historic surroundings make this a great choice for a weekend escape

For those living locally, The Kitty Knight House offers something they call date night. Every Wednesday night is date night and they offer two simple salads, two entrees (from a special menu) one bottle of red or white wine for $25 per couple. Tax and gratuity not included.

Thursday night are 60’s night, they offer dinner entrees for ½ off for the patrons 60 years of age and over.

Friday nights are Oyster Night. Raw oysters are 1 dollar each, baked one are $1.50 each.


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