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Know About This Fictional 'Bubblepack Town' in Okayama, Japan

Updated on July 1, 2017
Rasani Yashwanth profile image

Lived and worked in many countries such as France, Colombia, Philippines, India, Japan and others. Has been writing for 3 years.


People in Japan drive very cautiously and follow all the traffic rules. You rarely find any traffic violations or serious accidents in Japan. Any kind of major road accident would be all up in the news with international media covering the issue. The road system is highly organised and it is safe to say that even novice drivers follow the rules. However, there are some places in Japan where driving can seem dangerous due to reckless drivers. A survey conducted recently showed that road accidents in many countries happen due to improper blinker behavior, the inability to use turn signals most of the time. Okayama in the Chugoku region is one such place identified in Japan with some people practicing improper blinker behavior. Nevertheless, the number of accidents in Okayama are fairly low compared to any other developed country.

Okayama Drivers

Some people in Okayama are feeling that their city is a bit unsafe for driving due to some rude offenders. Usually, Japanese people show concern for even a bird or an animal crossing the road. They sometimes go out of their way to help out any person having trouble on the road. They even appreciate those who follow the rules sincerely. However, there have been instances in Okayama where pedestrians or safe drivers got scared because of some punk drivers. It has been found that putting on a turn signal is a rare sight in some areas of Okayama raising concerns over safety. This led to the local prefectural government launch some unique campaigns and release advertisements to educate such drivers.


The Campaign

Toyota`s car dealership store chain called 'Toyopet' has taken the responsibility to educate the drivers of Okayama by releasing an advertisement featuring a fictional 'Bubblepack Town' where everything is bubble wrapped including cars and people. This piece of campaign has gained popularity all around the world and is shared by many online Japanese users. The ad is a satire showing pedestrians and cyclists bubble wrapped from head to toe and looking happy and secure. The cars in Bubblepack Town are also wrapped showing that even vehicles are not safe in the hands of reckless drivers. Call it bizarre or interesting, this campaign, namely the Toyopet Zero Project Okayama' has raised many eyebrows across Japan and abroad. Some people might feel that this could be one of the short lived campaigns which wont have any long term effects on public. But Toyota is hell bent to push their campaign and is committed to educate atleast its consumers to be proper drivers.


The Ad

The 1:30 minute ad starts with a man driving with all his belongings to Okayama and finds out that everyone and everything there is bubble wrapped. Every vehicle is allowed to bump anyone and mow down anything, and its perfectly ok to do so. Everyone seems to be happy doing accidents coz its fun. This ad sends a serious message that nothing in this world is totally safe, and it all comes down to your responsibility to ensure a better place for yourself and others. Reports from the officials of Okayama are showing that a minor hustle happening in Okayama every 50 minutes due to drivers refusing to use turn signals.


Watch The Ad Here

What do you think of this unique campaign? Whatever be the tone of the ad, this campaign should be appreciated as it is meant for the well being of the people, agreed?

© 2017 Yashwanth Kumar


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