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Koh Kong Mangrove Forest Cambodia

Updated on December 29, 2016

The area around Koh Kong is an up and coming conservation area with many different projects focused on preserving the environment. Just outside Koh Kong City is Cambodia’s largest island. Koh Kong Island has seven beaches with places to stay and is in a beautiful location.

Apart from relaxing on a beach one of the most interesting features of the island is the Peam Krasaop Mangrove Sanctuary.

Protecting The Cambodian Island Shoreline

The 250 square km expanse of mangroves has a pivotal role in protecting the island shoreline from erosion. It is also a breeding ground for fish, shellfish and the shrimps seen in everyday cuisine in Cambodia.

These mangroves are home to thousands of birds and are part of the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor where several other conservation projects have been located. This is in sharp contrast to neighbouring Thailand where these forests have been decimated.

Koh Kong Mangrove Walk

One of the best ways to see how this natural forest works to protect the island is to head to the Mangrove Walk- a 600 metre concrete walkway through the water to a tower. Sometimes monkeys hang out here and from the tower you get to see how the mangroves help defend the island from the power of the waves.

It really is nature helping nature. Close by there is a small resort and if you wanted to avoid this are and see the mangroves without buildings then the best way to do that is by motor boat tour.

Boat Tours Koh Kong Mangrove Forest

Boat tours of this area are ideal to see the surrounding area and the fishing villages which are close by and thrive on the ecosystem within the mangrove forest. These villagers have wooden fishing traps where fish are kept live until they are needed for food.

This is nature’s refrigerator and guarantees fresh fish. There are even more islands further out to see and where there are isolated beaches ideal for a swim.

Wetlands Of International Importance

The Koh Kong Mangrove Forest is listed on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance and is an amazing place to observe bird life as well as the other natural features.

However the area is constantly under threat from the sand dredging conducted by Singapore in this region. It is for this reason that raising awareness of the area and the impact of both pollution and dredging on Cambodia is an important role for tourism.

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

The Koh Kong Conservation Corridor runs from Koh Kong to the Gulf of Kompong Som. There are several conservation projects in the area which is protected. This includes projects relating to the Cardamom Mountains and protection of the wildlife in the region including the rare pangolin.

Visitors to these areas can see a unique habitat and way of life but can also help with the conservation through admission fees to attractions and by simply showing an interest. Whilst the peace of the mangroves is here for now, unless it is supported to remain these natural barriers will be lost forever. Go see it when you visit Cambodia.


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