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Kolad White Water Rafting, Maharashtra, Our Adventures Experience

Updated on August 8, 2016

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Starting our journey towards river rafting in Kolad with friends and bikes

The story goes like that, at 11:30 AM in the morning we started our journey of Kolad river rafting from Mumbai with my 6 friends, 2 bikes and before going for water rafting in Kolad; we had to fetch our one friend who lives in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. But while going to Vashi we got a problem in our one bike so we had to repair that bike due to which we reached Vashi late and after reaching there we fetch out friend from there and then moved for Kolad. After some time, we guys had lunch Kalamboli Macdonald at 2:15pm and after that we took NH66 highway also known as Pen-Alibaug Highway but the roads of this highway is really bad and I suggest you to not to take this road for going Kolad and due to this reason we had to drive slowly and we were slowly moving towards Kundalika river rafting.

Captured images and enjoyed delicious food while our journey of Kolad river rafting

While travelling towards Kolad although the road was awful but we guys still had fun and captures many images and make videos of our journey towards Kolad river rafting and after some time we reached in the main city of Kolad. But for river rafting in Kolad we had to go Sutarwadi which is 11 km far from the Kolad for Kolad white water rafting. We reached there in night, it was late, no light and we could not able to see anything if we switch off our bikes lights. Besides this, we all need a place to sleep so we started finding a farmhouse but most of them are full and at last we found a farmhouse at 8:15 pm and for that we paid 1000 per head which also include food and 1000 rupees for river rafting in Kolad. That night we enjoyed our food, danced and after getting tired we all went for sleeping

A markerkolad -
Kolad, Maharashtra 402304, India
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Next morning enjoyed rickshaw ride and went for river rafting in monsoon and...

In the farm, we woke up in the morning and had Poha in breakfast at 8:50AM and breakfast we all went for Kolad River rafting in a rickshaw and it charged 800 rupees to get to the rafting point and for getting back us to the farmhouse. We all were very excited about Kolad white water rafting as it is an adventures place in Maharashtra and rickshaw is a perfect transportation option if you didn’t have any driver with you otherwise you can for the river rafting near Mumbai in a car or jeep. We reached Kolad and there we all signed a form before going for river rafting in Kolad, were life jackets and then lift our raft to the river for river rafting. We also had a guide who guide us about river rafting and after that our unlimited fun and enjoyment regarding river rafting in Kolad was started.

Enjoyed Kolad white water rafting a lot and had our first rafting experience

It was my first experience of river rafting and river rafting in Kolad was so much fun. We all enjoyed water rafting in Kolad and before reaching the deck of the river, we all pulled back in the water and enjoyed in water though we all did not know how to swim. After that we all get on the raft and came to the end point of the river and then drop the raft in the main area. After Kolad river rafting, we all had chai, vadapav and corn and left for farmhouse on the rickshaw which we hired previously. After we reached farm house, we had carom board game and had chicken in lunch. We also wanted to have river crossing, kayaking in Kolad but as we didn’t have time for all of this and later on we left for our home at 4PM, took Khopoli-pali road, enjoyed on my sports bike and reached Mumbai at 9 PM

Want to ask about the journey?

If you have anything to ask about this journey, You comment on my YouTube video or inbox me on facebook.

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