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Korean Chocolate You Need to Try Right Now

Updated on August 21, 2018
Raven B profile image

Raven is prior military of 3 years and has traveled a lot in that time including one deployment. Now a mother of one and a military spouse.

Visiting a new country Priorities

I love eating Chocolate from different countries! When visiting a new country one of the best things to do to get a fairly cheap taste of the culture is to go straight to the convenient stores. I stopped at 7/11 and bought 4 really good types of chocolate that you need to try! I know these chocolates aren't Exclusive to Korea but they are very different than what is usually picked in America. Keep in mind I went for what is available at convenient stores so these brands might be marketed all over the world.

Chocolate (drools profusely)

I personally love chocolate so, I didn't want to be biased and just say eat everything. That's where my husband comes in. He is a bit of a picky eater when it comes to snacks so I used him for a second opinion on everything. When you read what we both have to say just keep in mind that I love all chocolate and he mostly likes rich milk chocolate.

Ghana Bar

  • The Ghana Bar that I chose (there are ton with this brand) looks almost like a snickers bar.
  • When you bite into this tasty treat you can happily find that it has the consistency of snickers as well! With a nut on top that I'm pretty sure is hazelnut it has the same crunch that snickers give with their chocolate peanut caramel bar.
  • Although this yummy piece of chocolate has the same looks and texture as snickers the taste is SO much better (and I love snickers). very hazelnutty and a higher quality of chocolate make this bar a chocolate lovers dream.
  • My Review- If you are in Korea why are you waiting? Go get this Chocolate Bar!!!
  • Husbands Review- "eh it's alright I wouldn't choose it".

At least he won't eat mine...

Market O Chocolate Bar

  • So, I bought this bar thinking that it would be more of a s'mores bar with different tasting chocolate. Oh Boy, was I wrong... When you open up the package the bar is split into 5 separate pieces which makes it easy for sharing. Sharing is caring...
  • When you first bite into your market O it has a creamy texture until you get to a slightly chewy bit. Don't panic the chewy isn't bad.
  • It does NOT taste like a s'mores. For an American, the front of the package is kind of misleading in that aspect. Especially if you don't read the Korean language at all. The white stuff in the middle is actually white chocolate and the slightly chewy part tastes kind of like mocha. YUMMY!
  • My Review- If you like coffee flavors this would probably be really good for you. I enjoyed this candy a lot.
  • My husband's Review- He loved it! You know it's really good if he likes it.

Mushroom shaped Chocolate

  • At first glance, I thought these looked so cute! Really cute products seem to be a Korean specialty though. I'm a sucker for cute packaging and the little mushroom character playing mushroom guitar was all I needed to give it a try.
  • The texture of the chocolate part of this treat is so silky and delicious! The bottom part reminded me of the sticks that you get with the Nutella go packs.
  • Honestly, the whole time I was eating this I kept feeling like I was eating Dunk a roo's. Very good tasting chocolate and a very sweet little crunch.
  • My review- 10/10 go to for grabbing something to share. They come in a pack with about 15 inside and they taste great!
  • My husband- "These are good". He is so expressive... (rolls eyes)

Kinder Max

  • Kinder is a brand that can be found in America mostly with their egg-shaped candy with toys inside. While that is mostly what you will find in America, Korea has so many more options! When I bought this the package made it seem like the whole candy bar was just pure milk chocolate. Na fam...
  • Holy smokes the first bite into this candy bar is an explosion of deliciousness! If you have ever eaten one of the kinder eggs you know that they have a lining of white creamy chocolate on the inside and that is no different for the candy bars!
  • It has that classic kinder creaminess with almost a kind of fluffy feeling in the middle. For real the bar melts in your mouth.
  • My Review- I loved it and will buy it again and again and I might have to special order it when I go back to America.
  • My husband- "Shakes head and makes gross face". What a weirdo...


Which can are you most likely to try based on the article?

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    • poppyr profile image


      3 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      These look yummy! We also have Ghana in Japan but I've never seen the Ghana bar before. Korean food is amazing, and it looks like they have awesome chocolate as well.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      7 months ago from UK

      Apart from the Kinder, are any of these made under licence or linked to more recognisable makes or are they completely Korean? This gives me a good idea of what they are like.


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