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Updated on February 3, 2015

The city of Kranj, with apx 53.000 citizens (data from 2007) is capital of Gorenjska and lies on high rock between rivers Save and Kokra.

Kranj is known for very developed industrie, Iskra, Sava, Tekstilindus, Planika, IBI - unfortunately, many of this companies are closed today.

Kranj is laso known as City of Preseren, because,dr. France Preseren, worked in lived here last years of his life. He died here and is barried in Presernov gaj.

Famous people from Kranj are: Leopold Layer (painter), France Preseren (laywer and poet), Janez bleiweis (politician), Janez Avgustin Puhar (inventor), Simon Jenko (poet), Andrej Sifrer (singer), brata Borut In Darjan Petric (swimers), Andrej Stremfelj (alpinist), ...

Kranjski grb

Mesto Kranj - grb
Mesto Kranj - grb

Kranj main attractions

Main attractions of Kranj are: Church of st. Kancijan and friends, Mitnica, City defense wall, Preserens museum, Tunnels under old Kranj, ...


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    • Perun profile image

      Perun 6 years ago from Ljubljana

      I want too see some pictures from this city :)

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 6 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Could you post some pictures of your city. I bet there are some fabulous old buildings in your area too.

      regards Zsuzsy

    Castle Khiselstein

    Khieselstein Castle is located in the old part of Kranj, clamped in the town walls on the cliffs from which was in the past monitored the bridge across the river Sava and its nearby surroundings.

    It is named by the owner, Janz Khisl, who give tha Castle present form in the 16th century. In the past, there was a glass workshop and shop.

    Owners of the Castle in the history: Mosconov noble family, Ravbar familiy, Apfaltrer familiy, Auerspergs, and finally Natalis Pagliaruzzi.

    Gorenjska Museum

    Gorenjska Museum in Kranj collects, conserves and displays culture, which was left to us by our ancestors in Gorenjska.

    In the museum there are collections: archaeological, etnologycal, a collection of folk art, old artistic, cultural and contemporary history and modernity, Slovenian cabinet photographs, artistic creativity.

    Much attention is devoted to children served by the various creative workshops.

    Permanent exhibitions:
    -Fran Saleški Finžgar (slovenian writer)
    -Folk Art
    -Dolinar, Alojz (skulptor)
    -Little War Museum
    -Oplen House
    -Tomaz Godec
    -Leather Museum
    -Iron Thread

    -house of Finžgar in Doslovče
    -Castle in Kranj Khislstein
    -City Hall in Kranj
    -Tomaz Godec Museum, Bistrica
    -Oplen house under Studor
    -Alpine Dairy Museum, Old Fužina
    -Kranj Prešeren House

    Water tower in Kranj
    Water tower in Kranj | Source

    Water tower

    Water tower in Kranj is located near the bridge over the river Kokra beside the road linking the Zlato polje and Primskovo. Water tower was built at the beginning of the century.

    In June of 2004 tower blew beacuse of the too much pressure and was repaired and put on his new, beautiful hat. Since the water tower in Kranj has great historic, artistic and architectural importance of the landscape it is registered as immovable cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture.

    The reservoir of water at the top at a height of 43 m has capacity of 250 cubic meters. This was sometimes the water pressure regulator in Kranj and its surroundings, and even today it is still included in the public water supply, providing pressure to the surrounding houses, and serves as buffer for pressure equalization.

    France Preseren statue

    France Preseren statue before Preserens Theatre
    France Preseren statue before Preserens Theatre

    Famous people from Kranj

    Leopold Layer, painter
    Friderik Irenej Baraga, missionair in north america
    Dr. France Preseren, poet
    Dr. Janez Bleiweis, jurnalist, doctor, vet
    Janez Avgustin Puhar, inventor of photography on glass
    Simon Jenko, poet
    Janez Mencinger, writer
    Hinko Smrekar, painter
    Ivan Pregelj, writer
    Lojze Dolinar, skulptur
    Peter Lipar, composer
    Marjan Sorli, architect
    Davorin Dolar
    Bostjan Hladnik, movie director
    Marko Pogacnik
    Andrej Sifrer, musician
    Andrej Stremfelj, alpinist
    Borut Petric and Darjan Petric, brothers, swimmers
    Primoz Grasic, guitar player
    dr. Vlado Ravnik, profesor

    Friendly cities

    Pulj, Croatia
    Amberg, Germany
    Novi Sad, Serbie
    Zenica, BIH
    Singen, Germany
    Beljak, Austria

    Brother cities

    Oldham (Great Britain)
    Rivoli (Italy)
    Bitola (Macedonia)
    Herceg Novi (Montenegro)
    Banja Luka (BIH)
    Osijek (Croatia)
    Zemun (Serbia)
    Zelezna Kapla (Avstria)
    La Ciotat (France)

    Kranj - map

    General Rudolf Maister

    Statue on the Maister square
    Statue on the Maister square
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