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Seeing Kuala Lumpur - 3 Apps You Must Have In Your Smartphone

Updated on April 28, 2013

Where do you want to go ?


3 Apps to Make Your Kuala Lumpur Trips Easy

People no longer get lost in big cities. Thanks to the smart brains who invent smartphones.

But apart from maps, translation apps and crazy birds there's hundreds of apps for traveller like you and me.

Right here I'm just going to show you 3 more. These are Malaysian made apps to help you and I travel around Kuala Lumpur, easier.

You get to see the location of your driver, and the estimated fare
You get to see the location of your driver, and the estimated fare

1. MyTeksi

Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful city. But the taxis driver are not.

The city is supposed to be among the cheapest city for those travelling in taxis. But no. Most taxi drivers will overcharge or refuse to go to where you want to because the traffic jam is bad.

MyTeksi is supposed to fix that. It's free and it's supposed to help you hail a cab quick when you need one.

Once you send a request for a taxi, the apps let drivers near your location know about your location and where you want to go. They'll bid for the job and the winner will come fetch you. You'll also get to see where he is while you're waiting and the estimated fare for your trip.

How's that for transparency ?


Not Happy With Your Driver?

Rate your driver. After all, you have all their details. The SPAD authority tells the public that they monitor these apps and take action based on your response.

2. KL Train

The trains (monorail and lrt) are the fastest way to travel around the city. They are not as difficult to navigate as ones in Tokyo but an app that could help you find the nearest train station to where you are is definitely handy.

It covers the LRT, Monorail as well as the KTM inter suburb commuter train. You'll get the train timetables, station lists as well fares.

The app is free at the time of writing and we think everyone should give it a try.


3. My Distress

This is an official emergency app by the Royal Malaysian Police. Although it only covers Selangor (and as a consequence cover places like Shah Alam) your distress signal will still get routed to the nearest police station if it is in Kuala Lumpur.

This is handy when you're alone in a cab or while walking alone at night. The app is free and is designed to be simple to use. Press a signal and it will send a signal right to the police department which will route it to the nearest patrol car.



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