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Kuching Sentral

Updated on September 25, 2013
Kuching Sentral
Kuching Sentral

Kuching Sentral (or Kuching Bus Terminal), is located at the south of Kuching city. Kuching Sentral is about 5 minutes away from the Kuching International Airport and 20 minutes away from Kuching City Centre. This Kuching Sentral officially opened since early 2012, and it is the first air-conditioned and fully-integrated three-storey regional bus terminal in East Malaysia.

How do get to Kuching Sentral:

1) From Kuching city

Via bus 3A with frequency of about 20 minutes during day time. The fare is affordable at RM2.

2) From Airport

Via taxi is less than 5 minutes

Via walking is about 20 minutes

Walking guideline: To get to Kuching Sentral, turn left when you exit from the Kuching Airport and then walk to the main T intersection. Turn left again and walks until you reach the big roundabout where you can catch 3A bus going north to Kuching city.

Tip: If you are carrying baggage, walking is not recommended because the road is pretty much a highway, it does not have any walking path or shades.

Kuching Sentral is first of its kind in East Malaysia. Because of its location is not in city centre, this initiative has greatly eased the congestion in city centre. The terminal has 42 bus bays for regional buses and 67 bus bays for city buses. This single consolidated transportation hub incorporates a shopping centre, 25,000 sq ft hypermarket, retail shops and restaurants that assure convenience and comfort to both travellers and shoppers. Additional facilities like luggage storage, premium rest rooms, ATM machines and prayer rooms have been included to ensure a comfortable transit for commuters.

Hypermarket is incorporated to serve shoppers
Hypermarket is incorporated to serve shoppers

Bus Services

Daily express buses service to and from regional cities like Sri Aman, Betong, Sarikei, Sibu, Mukah, Bintulu, Miri, Kota Kinabalu as well as daily express buses from Indonesia Pontianak and Brunei Sungai Tujuh are available, making Kuching Sentral an international transportation hub in Borneo Island. Asides from long-distance express bus service, Kuching Sental serves city bus. Commuters would find convenience right from the point of arrival as the city buses will offer them a seamless link to any destination within Kuching City and the regional buses will link them to major cities throughout Sarawak, Sabah, Indonesia and Brunei. Following pictures show the bus operator directory information and overview of ticketing counter in Kuching Sentral

Bus operator directory
Bus operator directory
Ticketing counter view
Ticketing counter view

Courier Service

Other than express service, some bus operators do offer courier service at affordable price. One of the well-known service provider is Biaramas. Some do recommend VFL and MTC as alternative options too. Steps to send your item via bus are simple. You just need to bring the item to bus ticket counter, and inform them that you want to send item via bus. The counter staff would charge by weight and then staff would quote you the price for the service.

Personal View and Tips

There are number of bus operators operating at Kuching Sentral, namey Bintang Jaya, Biaramas (Bus Asia, Asia Star), Eva, Baram Express, MTC, Sungei Merah etc. I tried and took the bus of Biaramas and Bintang Jaya after recommendation by locals. Reason of recommendation by locals are because they are punctual, better service and better managed bus company. They did not let me down after using their service.

Online booking is available for both bus operators too. On normal day, you do not need to make online booking to secure seat in advance. In most cases, you may just walk in to the terminal and buy ticket on the spot then board the next departure bus. However, please book your seat in advance during weekend and public holiday to avoid disappointment. Of course, for tourists who have tight travelling schedule, may book the ticket online in advance to have quick check in, boarding and departure at Kuching Sentral.

At this moment, both Biaramas and Bintang Jaya are having promotion by giving discount from 10%-25% for online booking only. So by doing online booking, you get to save some pennies

Another tip here is that Biaramas offers the only luxury travelling experience in Sarawak under the brand of Asia Star. Asia Star provides double deck business class service to commuters who are looking for comfortable and luxury travelling experience especially for long distance journey from Kuching to Miri

Asia Star

Business class double deck  coach
Business class double deck coach | Source

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