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Updated on September 22, 2011

In Bangladesh, has many historical events and places. The Lall Bag Kella is one of them which is not only a historical place but also have a history behind it. Lall Bag Kella besides Burigonga , is one of the best and important architecture of legend time of Bangla. This architecture is also represent the kingdom of Moghol in 17th century.

From history, we know that Shayesta Khan is established this historical place though 3rd son of King Aaorongozeb, Mohammod Azem Shah was started to build up for his father which is named as " AAORONGOZEB KELLA ". But after 1 year (1678-79) he came back to Dilly for calling back. But next time this is changed by " LALL BAG KELLA ". Replacing of Azem, Shayesta Khan was complete this castle though he is not interested to build up it because after starting this castle, he lost his daughter , wife of Azem because he believe that this castle is not good for him. But he started to complete this castle for his daughter's grave. He was decorated it by various important element which were coming from India. The grave of the daughter of Shayesta Khan is one of the best visiting place called " PORIBIBI's MAZER ". In this castle also have a mosque, a pond and a big garden. King Aaorongozeb gifted this castle to Shayesta Khan for his daughter. In 1853 , British army was shifted here. This castle is also a historical part of " SHEPAHI BIDDROHO " at 1857. Now this castle is declared as a historical place of Bangladesh.


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