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Lake Allatoona Georgia: Camping, Cabins, Fishing, And Boating, at Campgrounds Bring Boat Just North of Atlanta...

Updated on March 26, 2011

Lake Allatoona Georgia, 2nd Biggest Lake Near Atlanta...

A great thing about living in the city of Atlanta area is the availability of large lakes nearby to play on! This is very important if you love the water like I do, and have a need to be out on your jet ski on a hot day like I do… There are two main large lakes in the Atlanta area, and both of them are north of the city a little ways. Lake Lanier GA is northeast about 45 minutes to an hour, and is far the biggest lake. This is used as a reservoir by the Army Corps of Engineers to speed up or slow down the water flow into the Chattahoochee River that goes south through Atlanta. Depending on how much water is in the lake the flow can be high or it can be very low. The other big lake is northwest of Atlanta just a half hour or so, and is called Lake Allatoona Georgia

This is a fantastic lake, and even though it’s not as big as Lake Lanier it is still large enough and has a variety of fun activities for you to do here. The lake is pretty spread out and you can drive for miles before you would reach the northern tip of it. This is normally the case with a man-made lake, as when the water fills in the surrounding land it tends to fit into a hand and fingers type of pattern, with lots of secluded little nooks and coves everywhere. This makes for some great fishing, as the fish do tend to congregate in these areas in the mornings and late afternoons. You can always see small fishing boats out there with fisherman trying to make their catches for the day before having to head back into town.

Lake Allatoona Georgia Activities...

The main reason that I use Lake Allatoona Georgia is for the boating or jet skiing activities that can be had here! There are many boat ramps that you can use to trailer your Jet Ski or boat to the lake in order to put in, and it’s good to purchase a nautical map of the lake before deciding on a location. Since the lake is very big, it does take several hours to boat from one end to the other, and there may be a boat ramp that is very near where you are looking to go. For instance, if you’re looking to stop at a nice restaurant on the lake at some point, then it makes sense to plan your take out point possibly close to that because you will probably be more tired at the end of the day. If you own your own boat or jet ski and live near the lake, you may look into getting a floating jet ski dock.

One thing about a lake near Atlanta, on a weekend day with nice weather everyone who has a boat is out on the water! That means you really need to keep your head on a swivel to look out for other boaters and jet skiers because it would be really easy to hit someone else around you if you or they aren’t looking out. This isn’t as big of a problem out on the vast Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean, but here in these enclosed areas its paramount importance. Another thing is with so many people out having fun on the water, there are lots of wakes and waves which make for a very rough day! It can be fun at times, and other times you will really feel the bumps and bruises… If you can go during the week when everyone else is at work, then that is ideal. Also, the earlier in the day that you go the calmer the wakes and waves are.

Pro Wakeboard Tour 2010...

Red Top Mountain State Park on Lake Allatoona Georgia...

If you’re into camping, then there’s no better place to be than Lake Allatoona Georgia! This lake has numerous campgrounds of all kinds around the lake, and some of them have docks so you can park your boat or Jet Ski at overnight. This makes it really handy to put your boat into the water just once and not have to worry about it until it’s time to leave. One of the best spots to camp is Red Top Mountain State Park which is along the I-75 corridor near Cartersville. This is an awesome place, with plenty of campgrounds, hiking trails, cabins, picnic areas, and its own boat ramp. Red Top Mountain State Park is one of my favorite places to camp along the whole of Lake Allatoona GA.

The Army Corps of Engineers controls the water level here also, and in the wintertime the water can drop quite a bit. In the summertime though, it’s usually right up there unless there is an area wide drought like there was a few years ago. I hope this has given you some ideas about Lake Allatoona Georgia and all that you can do on it and around it, and come on over and try it out! Other must see attractions while in the Atlanta area are Stone Mountain GA and Zoo Atlanta. And if you're in the area around Oktoberfest time, there's none better than in Helen Georgia, just an hour away! Enjoy!

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      Allatoona is one of my favorite lakes in Georgia, and Red Top Park just makes it that much better!

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      Great stuff! Red Top Mountain State Park sounds amazing =)

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