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Lake Elizabeth in San Francisco

Updated on June 2, 2019
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Joy of travel and admiring the beauty of the world in sightseeing.

Lake Elizabeth


Journey to Lake Elizabeth in San Francisco

It was a beautiful morning as there was no sign of rain, we decided to drive and visit Lake Elizabeth. It was quite a journey but we were looking forward as we had heard nice reviews about the place so decided to check it out ourselves.

On the road to Lake Elizabeth

Nice weather on the road

Arrived at Lake Elizabeth

After driving on the road, we finally made it to Lake Elizabeth. Took some snapshots of the lake and you could see that it was nice and clear water in the lake. When we arrived there, there were not many people at that place so practically like we had the entire place for ourselves.

Heard that some people would go for boating at the lake but that day, there was not even a single boat to be seen. We caught sight of some birds at the place as well as some people who were there for jogging.

Beautiful Lake

Strolling at Lake Elizabeth

Posing For Photo

Capture the moment

Fresh air and good scenery

It was really nice scenery as you could see from the photograph. Rather quiet and peaceful for those who want to relax from all the work stress. I guess it is a place where people to spend time to do walking exercise or finding time to do some form of jogging since it has a trail of 3 miles distance around this lake.

It is also a great place if you wish to have a picnic or BBQ under the warm sunlight. From afar, we could see people brought their dogs and children walking along the trail.

That day the lake was closed and the sign said "Lake Use Fee $7.00".

View at the lake


Spot some birds

As we walked at the lake, I spotted some birds and took some photographs of these birds. I do not know what types of birds they were but looks quite interesting though. Caught a bird flying away and took the shot at it. Was not so clear using my camera but still able to view it in the photograph.

More birds

Different species of birds

Entertain with insects food

We brought ourselves some food and you maybe surprised as it is one of those that people do not normally indulged themselves with - insects food. If you never try it before like us, you can imagine it as unbearable but when you taste them, it was quite crunchy. Overall, it was not that bad after all. Of course not leaving out the good old KFC for a nice snack to fill our stomachs.

Comparing this KFC with other countries, I rate it at only 2 out of 10 as it was none crispy and the taste was not up to our standards. We could have got ourselves MacDonald instead as it was much better taste and more satisfying.

Spot the Flying bird

Insects food

Closeup view of insects food

More insects


More KFC


Our experience

We had spent ourselves at the lake for the last 3 hours or so walking around and sitting to rest while filling up our stomachs before continued the journey. Able to see others with their kids in strollers as well as walking their dogs. Luckily the weather was fine so we enjoyed the cool temperature of 10 degrees or so to make it much more pleasant.

Our suggestion to anyone who wants to go to Lake Elizabeth is to have a nice picnic with your kids as it is spacious for them to run around while enjoying a nice meals. Or if you are thinking of jogging, it will be good enough as the trail is about 3 to 4 miles around the lake. As long as the weather is fine then having a day out with your family will be fantastic.

Leaving Lake Elizabeth

Journey back

Back to hotel

After enjoying those fresh air and walk, we were on our way back to our hotel. As we were driving, we noticed some nice scenery of clear view of the mountain in the background. There were not many cars on the road and it was a breeze driving without any stress. What we enjoyed most was the nice weather throughout the day around 10 - 15 degrees though the air was dry.

Have you been to Lake Elizabeth in San Francisco? If yes, please share your comments as we love to hear them. Hope you had enjoyed as much as what we did. Only disappointment was our KFC so bring nicer food to enjoy the scenery. Cheers!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Edward Han


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