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Lake Erie Artists Gallery Showcases Cleveland Ohio Artists

Updated on January 2, 2012

Lake Erie Artists Gallery is in Cleveland Ohio

Lake Erie Artists Gallery logo
Lake Erie Artists Gallery logo

Cleveland Ohio Artists Show Off Their Talents

I am the owner of a small local gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, located at Shaker Square on the eastern edge of Cleveland. Shaker Square is the second oldest shopping center in the United States, built by the Van Swerigen brothers who also build Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Lake Erie Artists Gallery is nestled amongst a group of excellent local restaurants including my next door neighbor, Balaton, a Hungarian restaurant that has been serving Clevelanders for 50 years. I love the neighborhood that Lake Erie Artists Gallery is in, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our gallery which showcases many talented local Cleveland, Ohio artists.

Lake Erie Artists Gallery is a gallery for everyone. We offer merchandise starting at $5.00 so that any person including a child, can come in and find a gift for themselves or a loved one that is unique regardless of income. Lake Erie Artists Gallery has lots of choices for gift items, and home and office decor including ceramics, glassware, jewelry, books, photographs, paintings, and we also teach workshops and classes aimed at beginners to allow people to get a taste of creating something with their own hands.

Jewelry by Paula Atwell

Jewelry by Paula Atwell
Jewelry by Paula Atwell

Handmade Jewelry

Lake Erie Artists Gallery features many fine local jewelry artists including myself. The necklace to the right of this paragraph is made out of fine silver, pearl and a Swarovski crystal that I created. I make my jewelry from primarily fine silver, silver, natural stones, vintage glass, and pearls.

I create the silver components of my pieces by hand out of Precious Metal Clay, then finish them for color. I like to combine different textures and looks in my jewelry for an eclectic look.

We also carry jewelry made by many other artists including fused glass, polymer clay, chain maille, and copper.

Recycled Wood Furniture

Recycled wood furniture by APOC
Recycled wood furniture by APOC

A Piece of Cleveland

One of my favorite vendors is a group of men who call themselves A Piece of Cleveland. They create products including furniture, cutting boards, lamps, and a lot of custom pieces out of wood taken from deconstructed buildings.

They help with the deconstruction, then design and sell the pieces made from the wood. They also help facilitate the recycling of other materials from deconstructed buildings like bricks and metal.

Paintings by Brian Jones

Playin' as One by Brian Jones
Playin' as One by Brian Jones

The Art of Brian Jones

Local painter Brian Jones is a self-taught painter. He paints with big, bold strokes of color and texture, and has about five different themes that he paints including jazz, florals, abstract, and houses.

I love Brian Jones' work because of the colorful life that it brings to the eye. The texture of each piece makes them visually interesting, and my favorite pieces are his music and jazz related ones.

Prints by Cheryl Lee

Arrangement for Ella by Cheryl Lee
Arrangement for Ella by Cheryl Lee

Cheryl Lee Donates Money to Breast Cancer Research

Cheryl Lee is an artist who donates part of her proceeds to breast cancer research. She has two main styles that she paints in, a simple, minimalist floral style, and a set of very cute prints with girls and women doing different activities.

Lake Erie Artists Gallery sells her prints and cards at our gallery.

Recycled Glass Dishes by From The Blue Bag

Grey Goose Cheese Tray by From The Blue Bag
Grey Goose Cheese Tray by From The Blue Bag

Recycled Glass Bottle Dishware

Artist Deby Cowdin runs a company called From The Blue Bag which recycles bottles from Cleveland bars and restaurants, then makes them into functional dishware. Lake Erie Aritsts Gallery carries all of her products including her wonderful gift sets which come with beaded spoons and various different food products.

These are only a few of the over 80 artists that we carry in our gallery in Cleveland Ohio. Customers can visit our websites listed at the beginning of this article or stop in our brick and mortar store at Shaker Square to see the rest.


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