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Lake Saiful Muluk Pakistan

Updated on June 25, 2013

Introduction and History

Narran is the most beautiful valley in Pakistan Naran natural beauty is worth seeing. Naran is located in KPK province of Pakistan. Naran is located eight thousand feet’s high above the sea. In winter season weather is very cold in Naran. River Kunhar is also passing through Naran and adds further beauty and attraction in Naran. Naran has lots of famous tourist spots but most famous tourist location is lake Saiful Muluk.

Saiful Muluk is lake situated in Pakistan Khagan valley. Saiful Muluk is one of the highest lake in Pakistan. it is situated ten thousand feet above the sea level. Lake is located near the Malika Purbat which is highest peak of the valley. Saiful Muluk is surrounded by mountains and Lake is formed through glacier water. Water is coming through icy mountains which are located very near.

Saiful Muluk Lake is situated ten thousand feet above the sea level. Journey is extremely difficult high mountains , narrow roads, mud track and extremely thin road make things difficult even for expert driver. Only local people can drive and mostly jeeps are using for safe journey.

Due to natural beauty and beautiful location Saiful Muluk lake is most visited tourist place in Pakistan. Despite difficult journey and far location usually people comes from all over the country to see the natural beauty of lake Saiful Muluk.

Due to very high mountainous location temperature is very good at day time and temperature drop in night time. In peak winters lake is usually covered with thick sheet of ice. There is one very famous fiction story is also related form lake.

Several other beautiful and natural lakes are part of Naran beauty some of them ten thousand feet's high above the sea level. Lalusar Lake, Dudi Patsar Lake, Ansoo Lake are full of natural beauty and famous point for tourist.

Famous Lakes in Naran

  • Saiful Muluk
  • Ansoo Lake
  • Lalusar Lake
  • Dudipatser Lake

A markerLake saiful muluk -
Lake Saiful Muluk, Saiful Maluk National Park, Pakistan
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