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Las Vegas Blvd Fatburger

Updated on November 27, 2010

Fatburger on Las Vegas Blvd.

Inside Fatburger at 3 a.m. February 20, 2003
Inside Fatburger at 3 a.m. February 20, 2003 | Source

Fatburger on the Las Vegas Strip is just another fast food joint to some people and a special treat to others (like me.) Getting a burger anywhere is a special treat for me as I only eat a hamburger about once per month or less; but the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger adds a bit of a spectacle with the cashier yelling orders to the cooks (who are kind of on display in front of a row of stools, as shown in the photo above) and the atmosphere of being on the Las Vegas strip is different from any other place. Elvis could walk in at any time.

An Elvis impersonator in Fatburger

Elvis impersonator in the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger, December 24, 2006
Elvis impersonator in the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger, December 24, 2006

It's also satisfying in an unusual way and weird at the same time, to be hungrily attacking a big greasy cheeseburger, french fries and Coke at 3:00 a.m. on a Thursday and looking around to see a dozen other people doing exactly the same thing. The concept of time on Las Vegas Blvd. just does not exist. (You'll notice, if you pay attention, that windows and clocks are absent from all Las Vegas Blvd. casinos.) While you might not normally be hungry at 3 a.m.; a Las Vegas vacation totally scrambles your biological clock. If you're in the area near the MGM Grand and feeling hungry, I suggest you visit the Fatburger at 3763 Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger

Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger
Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger

Fatburger used to be located only in Nevada and California but has been expanding. They now have restaurants in about a dozen states including New Jersey, Florida, and Washington. While they may at some time become similar to McDonald's and Burger King in being located "everywhere"; they will never be the same as far as food quality is concerned. You're not getting some hockey puck patty that arrived in a freezer truck from Chicago, went through a microwave then sat under a heat lamp for 25 minutes. Fatburger prides itself on the freshness of all its ingredients and the delivery of your burger directly from the grill to you. The wait can be longer than expected for fast food, 10 to 20 minutes is not unusual; but it's well worth it. If you really like those other burger places, they're on the strip as well.

The Fatburger

I ate this one in August 2002 at the 4851 West Charleston Fatburger.
I ate this one in August 2002 at the 4851 West Charleston Fatburger.

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When you order, the cashier yells out to the cooks "Fatburger, fat fries" or "Fatburger, skinny fries" or whatever grill items you requested. (You can get your fries FAT or SKINNY, but that only refers to the size, not the content.) In addition to the standard beef burgers they've got a veggie burger, turkey burger, chicken burger, salad wedge, chili dog, hot dog, chili cheese fries, onion rings, bacon & egg and sausage & egg sandwich, plus root beer floats and shakes made with real ice cream. How's that sound for a 3 a.m. breakfast... bacon & egg sandwich with chili cheese fries and a vanilla shake? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The Fatburger

I ate this one in December 2008 at the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger.
I ate this one in December 2008 at the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger.

If you look closely you may see that the price on the receipt in the photo above is over $10. That's just for a Fatburger, fries, and medium soft drink (what they call the "Fat Deal".) Everything on the strip is priced higher than everything off the strip. Real estate values on the strip are very high, so prices of goods and services must also be very high in order for any Las Vegas strip business to stay in business. The site of the Flamingo resort originally sold for $8.75 per acre in the 1930s and is now worth around $30 million per acre.

The one contradiction to high prices on the strip is when a casino is highly profitable, they may offer great deals on non-gaming products and services. Slots-A-Fun with their $1.75 bottles of imported beer, for example. (Beers cost around $6 at just about every other casino on the strip.)

Inside the Las Vegas Blvd. Fatburger

The same Fatburger as shown in the first photo, nearly six years later, Dec. 15, 2008.
The same Fatburger as shown in the first photo, nearly six years later, Dec. 15, 2008.


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  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Just came home from 4 nights in Vegas we had a Fatburger at 4 in the morning it was so good my wife went back for another ten minutes later (we only had the small one) we could not believe how good it was and thought it was just being drunk that made it so good so we went back for another a couple of days later sober and it was a burger sent from heaven well done Fatburger you are truely a great burger joint. by the way we are from England and we know nothing about how to cook a good burger.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I ahve not been to The Strip Fatburger in Vegas since 1999.Looks like its changed a bit..


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