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Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Review

Updated on March 21, 2011

The Las Vegas Hilton - It's More Than Just Tailhook!

The Las Vegas Hilton was once the epicenter of a national controversy. Back in 1991, it was the location of the infamous U.S. Navy Tailhook Association annual meeting. Hundreds of Navy officers were in attendance, and after a day and night of heavy drinking things got out of hand and there were nearly 100 reports of sexual assault and/or misconduct. The Navy tried to cover it up, and dozens of military careers were ended as a result.

The Las Vegas Hilton is located next to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and it's not an easy place to miss. The sign out front is the largest freestanding sign in the entire world. The Hilton has a convention center of its own, and at 200,000 square feet it's not exactly a small one. Some of the biggest names in entertainment have performed at the Las Vegas Hilton, including Elvis Presley, who sold out 58 consecutive shows. He lived in the Penthouse Suite while he was performing there. His manager, Colonel Parker, lived at the Hilton until the mid-1980's.

The Las Vegas Hilton is one of the stops along the route of the Las Vegas monorail.  

Room packages and entertainment

I would say overall the rooms at the Las Vegas Hilton are dated compared to the average hotel room in Las Vegas. That's not to say they aren't nice, just that they're a little old and you might end up with a old CRT television and not a new flat screen.

The Standard Room is also called the Classic Room and starts at under $45 a night. Upgrade to the Premium Room for an extra $10 and get a nicer bed and television. From there, you can upgrade to the Superior or Grand Room, and if you really want room to stretch your legs go for the Junior Suite or the East Tower Suite for under $200 a night. They have room packages that are way more expensive than that even, include SkyVillas for over $1,000 a night. Good luck booking one, because they sell out months in advance.  

Using the spa, tennis courts, or gym will cost you extra on a per use basis.

For entertainment, the Las Vegas Hilton has an Elvis impersonator who does Elvis from his bloated stage. Don't wait to book tickets for that show, because he's due to expire on the toilet at any time. They also have Andrew Dice Clay, who I was not aware was still alive. Good for him for keeping the 1980's alive.

I'd suggest calling a Vegas cab and checking out one of the much better shows available on The Strip.  


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