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Las Vegas: My First Time

Updated on August 13, 2017

The Journey Begins....

Vegas, the Sin City, was about to meet four strangers from Louisiana. Was Las Vegas prepared? We were about to embark on a four day bachelor party adventure to Las Vegas, Nevada. And yes, this type of trip is what movies are made of….. So come along for the journey. But always remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless you share it with your favorite writing community.

How It Was Even Possible...

Let’s go back about a year. My best friend had asked me to be in his wedding as a groomsman. Of course I said yes, but at the time little did I know I would get a Vegas trip out of this. See, my friend traveled a lot for his job so that meant he got a ton of frequent flyer miles and hotel bonus points with Hilton. One night we were hanging out and I asked him what the plans were for a bachelor party. I was thinking a weekend in New Orleans or maybe a quick trip to the beach. I had no idea I was about to have the opportunity to travel the furthest west I have ever been. He said, “I think with the points I have saved, we could probably go to Vegas pretty cheap.” My jaw dropped, I thought he was joking. Well, this past April I got to visit the Sin City for the first time in my life.

Me, the groom and two other groomsmen got onto a plan at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans and sat back for the journey to the desert of Nevada to one of the most famous destinations in the world. If you knew the four of us, the movie Hangover probably would be your first thought when we told people we were going to Vegas for a bachelor party. Thankfully the trip did not turn out like that but rather, was one of the funniest trips I have ever taken.

As the dark of night began to ascend on us as our flight was about to end, seeing the Vegas strip from the airplane was like something out of the movies. We have all seen it on the big screen or on television, but to see it in person is breathtaking. I had the similar reaction the first time I saw the city of New York in person. Las Vegas was bright and beautiful, surrounded by desert and mountains. We landed, stepped out of the plane and through the airport. Right away you are graced with the musical sounds of slot machines filling the airport gates and walkways.

We arrived at our hotel which was the beautiful Tropicana. Right across were the MGM Grand, New York New York and The Excalibur. All stunning and lit up which was a great welcoming to a place I have never been before. One thing I will tell visitors is be prepared to walk and climb stairs. We arrived to our room and we were ready to explore the city of bright lights.

Throughout the four day trip we saw a lot of the famous sites. The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas, The Mirage and the Flamingo were just a few of many hotel casinos we made sure to visit. The first night we ate at the Hard Rock Café of Las Vegas. It had a great vibe like many of the other Hard Rock’s didn’t have. After that we met up with the groom’s brother at Bally’s and enjoyed some adult beverages and listened to a great cover band playing on the main floor lobby bar. We called it a night early because we knew we were going to be getting up early the next day to start a new adventure.

The second day was full of excitement. We got up and had a wonderful brunch at the famous Hash House A Go Go which I definitely would recommend trying if you are in Vegas. Make sure you bring your appetite because the portions our huge, but so delicious. After brunch we headed to O’Sheas. We probably had the most fun here. They had beer pong tournaments, great drink prices and a lot of fun company at this place. We meet some interesting and entertaining people from different parts of the country here. Then, we decided to go check out some other places.

The third day we decided to take it a little easier and just enjoy some of the sites Vegas had to offer. First, we went and had a nice Lunch (due to waking up a lot later) at Vegas’ Twin Peaks restaurant. We met some pretty cool people there as well. We decided after lunch to check out the pool scene at our hotel. When we got there, I thought they were filming an episode of MTV’s spring break. So many people were there and it was a pretty cool atmosphere. That night we decided to have a nice dinner at the Nine Fine Irishmen which is located in the New York New York resort. This was a great dining experience. I for one love Irish culture and this place give you that and much more.

Vegas is definitely a place you need more than just a few days to visit. I am glad I got the opportunity and I am already planning the time when I will return to Vegas. Next time I would love to catch some shows as well as try some more of the well known eateries there. This was a quick trip, but one I will never forget. If you plan on going to Vegas, make sure you have great company to join you. It will make the trip much more pleasure full.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 3 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Thanks Sunshine. Always good to see you stop by.

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 3 years ago from Orlando, FL

      It sounds like you guys had quite a blast in Vegas! I went 20 years ago and had a great time, my favorite part were the slot machines. Congrats to your friend on his upcoming nuptials! :)