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Las Vegas, Nevada: An Oasis in the Middle of the Desert

Updated on August 21, 2011
Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip | Source

Prepare your sunglasses, and get ready to use them in the night to protect your eyes from the bustling bright lights. Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready for a journey into the heart of the American Dream: welcome to the legendary city of Las Vegas, an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Situated on a plateau on the north-western bank of Lake Mead, Las Vegas was founded in 1885 by the Mormons. The city started to expand back in 1905, but its tremendous boom occurred with the legalization of gambling (in 1931) and the spread of Vegas-style weddings, where you can get married without too many formalities and in the most extravagant ways.

Las Vegas has been (and still remains) the background of hundreds of movies. Although it may seem strange, the real attractions of the city are the Casinos and Hotels, quite elaborated and attractive. The city is virtually open 24 hours a day and you can gamble just about anywhere.

Forget the idea of having to wear a dark and elegant suit in a casino; here you can play wearing shorts and a colorful Hawaiian shirt. In Las Vegas you can also eat as much as you want for just a few dollars, enjoy several Broadway-style shows, or simply, drive through the bustling city admiring the lighting displays on Fremont Street. With so much to see and do it is not surprising that Las Vegas is nicknamed the ''Entertainment Capital of the World''.

It's absolutely impossible to list everything this city has to offer. Visiting Las Vegas means to enter and explore its hotels, each of which hides surprises and wonders. It's important to note, however, that Las Vegas is not only synonymous of casinos, but is also a primary venue for relevant conferences and exhibitions, attracting a large and consistent stream of business tourism. In the downtown area, by the northern part of the Strip, you will find Fremont Street, which thanks to its stunning spectacle of lights, the road becomes night after night, the more attractive point of interest of Las Vegas.

If you've had enough of the casinos, the surroundings of Las Vegas offer the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Southwest. Do not miss a visit to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. If you can afford it, visiting the Grand Canyon on a helicopter tour will make your Vegas trip absolutely unforgettable. Nature lovers may also venture in the great outdoors at the nearby artificial Lake Mead, located not too far from the city, just to the south-west. This lake is created thanks to the Hoover Dam originating from the Colorado River for the purpose of creating electricity.

Deciding when is the best time to visit Las Vegas can be already a gamble. As a general rule, the months from November to February have always been the quietest and the most convenient for sightseeing. However, many performances are suspended during this time, and during festivities and events such as Thanksgiving, New Year and the Super Bowl finals. Add to that the countless meetings that are constantly held in the city and you will understand how the accommodation prices can become very variable. Spring and autumn are generally the busiest seasons. In mid-summer Las Vegas is very hot, while in the winter can be very cold, especially at night. Either way, choose what to wear wisely so you can enjoy this amazing city at its best.


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