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Lavenham England

Updated on November 19, 2011

The Guildhall Lavenham

What you can see in the photo opposite is one of the iconic buildings in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. The Guildhall has stood over the market place for some 500 years and has been used for many different things. Made famous of late by Harry Potter, it is 'the' Godrics Hollow the place harry lived and the site of the terrible deed by he who should not be mentioned. The snow that you can see on Godricks Hollow isn't put there by the film makers but by nature herself. It was revealed some time later to the villagers that a film crew had visited Lavenham to film the set for Harry Potter, on the days preceding the event we had a lot of snow here so instead of having to create an artificial scene it is real snow! We do not normaly get snow here so it was a real event.

Ok after the excitement of Mr HP welcome to my village, and let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I will take you on a tour of one of the most remarkable places in England. It has been said by me, to any wandering visiter that stops to look long enough, that it is 'like living on a film set'. in this short hub I will give you enough to feel that a visit should go on your to visit list.

The first link I am going to give you is this where you will find out about Lavenham rather than my simple scrawl. There is in excess of 300 hundred listed buildings here that is out of a total just over 900 hundred dwellings. 1 in 3 is a listed building little more than a village. The history really starts with the wool industry, at one time the village boasted more riches than York. It was one of the wealthy places in 15th century England the grandest houses were built, the unique thing about Lavenham many are the same today as they were then. From one of the most prestigious towns to a slum when the dutch moved in to Colchester with their weaving skill making Lavenham blue wool redundant. The houses and streets remained the same, only in later half of the 20th century did renovation work start. The old town was based on weaving, many of the cottages part of the 'cottage industry' of the time. such is the interest in this tiny village in the middle of the suffolk countryside there are many palces to stay hotels with character, B&B's and cottages all with a feeling that you are some where special, a unique place, you you can stay at which is ours is let me know where you found us and I will give you a guided tour and see to it that your stay is more than just a visit to somewhere tourist go and of course mates rates.

Here is the point Suffolk is one of the best kept secrets, we have the most romantic cottages, the most dramatic seas. A whole town disapeared under the sea at Dunwich, the home of horse racing in Newmarket, home of one of the few people who kicked the Romans right up the *** when they were at the height of the conquest Boudicca the warroir queen.

In future hubs I will share with you the secrets of Suffolk, and here is a small taste during. WW2 something happened on the coast of Suffolk a place called Shingle Street something that was so secret it will not be revealled until 2025, 80 years after the war, who knows? We do here in suffolk!!

water Street

pound cottage

The same snow that you can see in HP.

shilling street lavenham:
Shilling St, Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9, UK

get directions


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    • Dingpo profile image


      7 years ago

      Wonderful PR for Lavenham I must do the same for my village we have some remarkable buildings. My father told me when he was stationed at Lieston on coastal defence he was taken to somewhere along the coast where he saw the largest creater of the war, he had no idea where it was as all signposts were removed during the war

    • marymootoo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      HI cnwriter

      Thank you for your comment Lavenham is an awesome place.

      You should write about it, I have decided to write about what is around me beacuse I am always strugling for topics. It is right on my door step!

    • cnwriter profile image


      7 years ago from Los Angeles

      I love this piece and will try and do a press trip so I can write all about Lavenham and its treasures! Am from Coventry and really should one day write about the hair-raising night when the Germans dropped bombs and the one that landed in our front garden!!!

      thank you Kevin


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