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Leaning Tower – Pisa, the beautiful Tuscan Park

Updated on April 25, 2020

Pisa, Tuscany

Pisa is a big city, with over 80,000 inhabitants and it is famous about the Leaning Tower, the Bell Tower of City Cathedral. A few years back we went to Tuscany for our holiday, along with our friends. We borrowed the campers and went on the road. One of the cities we have visited was Pisa. Pisa is a town in Tuscany in Italy, the Europe country. Italy has a boot shape if you are looking for it on the map.

The Pisa's most famous Leaning Tower

So, how do we start?

Since I came from Slovenia, country besides Italy, we have been on our way through the border, against Padova, further across Bologna, to the town of Lucca, where we made the first stop.

Few days trip

We started in the evening, because we had two drivers, whom drive at night was not a problem. It was also easier, as there were children on board, which were all the time driving in a good nap. We have had a little issue with the weather, so we were forced to stay in Lucca even for the next day. I recommend you to take a few days for a trip. In our case, that meant good 450 kilometers and about € 100 tolls. In Lucca we also paid for overnight accommodation in camper stop.

Lucca, city of defensive wall

The city is small and surrounded by walls. It is very interesting that you can fully circle it with special wheels for four people or simply walk around it. It has the walls as far as you want to go. The paths are so interlaced, the city is old and I personally prefer it from Pisa.

Forward to the Pisa

We sightseen the Lucca town, but the bikes were not tested. We had our youngest member in the stroller, so we headed about an hour on foot. We ate our lunch and went forward to the Pisa. We were dedicated to see the famous Leaning tower or as the Italians call it Torre Pendente.

Finnaly, we are in Pisa

When we arrived at the nearby parking lot, where we could leave our campers, we went to the square on foot. This time, the weather was quite keen, as it was sunny and quite warm for the April weather. In about 10 minutes we entered the Miracles of Architecture, so-named.

Leaning Tower

On the spot, you will learn that the tower has been built for 176 years. It was built in the middle ages. It is 56 m tall and the inclination began because of the bad foundations. The construction did not comply with the soft land, which would require a firmer foundation, so the tower began to lean soon after the start of the construction. Today is precisely about that, one of the most interesting buildings in the world. However, through history, many architects wanted to settle it. We have done a couple of archive photos for memory and visited the streets full of stalls. You can imagine how women's members in the market enjoyed it. Here you can buy all possible souvenirs and several possible performances of the Leaning tower, from small to enormous. I made myself smaller, for a souvenir worth about € 10. In addition to souvenirs, the stalls are also full of food, typical for their culture and stunning scented. You can imagine we didn't leave the square hungry. However, I am putting you on the heart to see the entire park and all the buildings present. The park is tourist arranged to the end, worth the tour and stops to take pictures.It is full of interwoven architectural sights, churches, monuments, domes, symbols, sculptures, and a beautiful landscaped lawn.

The truth about The Leaning tower

The Leaning tower is basically a bell tower, but there are seven bells we have not heard. The engineers are concerned that the bells would cause over-vibration and consequently, a larger tilt of the tower or even injury. Upon payment, you can also climb the tower to see the beautiful city view.

Of course, we were also interested in whether the tower is safe or is still inclined. We have confirmed that the tower is no longer leaning today. With the help of the latest technologies that are available today, they have measured that the tower has been in the same tilt for a years.

At a time when we and our friends visited a Leaning tower, it was a swarming with a soldiers and military vehicles. You can imagine the pleasures of my son when he wanted to take a picture of a military vehicle. As a point of interest, I would add that when I wanted to photograph him with a fully-equipped soldier, he did not allow me. He waved with his hands, mumbed something like ‘’No, No’’. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that. He politely withdrew to the side that I could photograph my son only with a fully military-equipped jeep. Nevertheless, there was no disappointment.

The tradition of pictures

Of course you can't get out without your photograph on which you support the tower so that it doesn't collapse. The latter has become a true tradition, and the internet is also full of people which are making such photographs. Believe me; I tried to hold him too.

The Galileo Galilei airport

You may be distracted by the sounds of the planes that will fly above you. The nearby airport is named Galileo Galilei, which is also the largest in Tuscany and only about 7 kilometers away. This airport also applies to one of the leading among low-cost air service providers and it is very well connected to other major cities. We did not see it, because in the time of the two hours that we have survived in the park flew quite a few planes above us.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are going to see the aforementioned tower in Pisa, maybe I can surprise you and add that this is not the only leaning tower in the city, but there are quite a few buildings like one in the Pisa.

© 2020 Nika Klun


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    • Tiarna Georghiou profile image

      Tiarna Georghiou 

      5 weeks ago from Brisbane, Australia

      Great article! I loves Pisa. I had such a fun day there!

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      5 weeks ago from UK

      I have not been to this part of Italy. I hope to go there one day.


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