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Learn to speak like they do at the top of the world-Nepal

Updated on July 14, 2012

Impress your freinds family or loved one with a new language. I have collected few simple phrases and basic sentences. the video shows you how to pronounce the sentences. Here we go:

Hello- Namaskar/ Namaste

How are you?- Timilai kasto cha?

I love you- Ma timilai maya garchu.

Goodnight- Subha ratri

My name is Robert - Mero naam Robert ho

I am American- Ma American hun

I want to buy a computer- Malai computer kinna maan cha.

Thankyou- Dhanyabad

What is this?- Yo ke ho?

I am hungry- Malai bhog laagyo

I am thirsty- Malai tirkha lagyo

You are a good person- timi ramro maanchey ho

I dont like that person(Name)- Malai tyo maanchey(Name) maan pardaina. has more words and phrases if you are interested in learning more. is another good place to find resources about Nepal and nepali language

Please ask in comments if you would like to learn how a specific sentence/phrase would be in Nepali. Hope you enjoy this.

Basinc Nepali sentences


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