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Cheaper Places to Stay in Denmark

Updated on March 26, 2014
Aalborg Carnival
Aalborg Carnival

While Denmark's population is 5.6 million, only 1.9 million live in the nation's capital, Copenhagen. Where is everyone else?

The whole country is fairly tiny at 16,638 square miles or 43,094 square kilometers. This is about one quarter of the size of Florida. So as you can imagine, there is life, people, and plenty good times to be had not just in Copenhagen, but outside as well.

Map of Denmark


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North Jutland

North Jutland is located on the northern-most tip of Denmark and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. The main city, Aalborg is Denmark's third largest city and contains numerous activities, nightlife, restaurants, and shopping. Look to stay outside of Aalborg or near one of the beaches, for incredible value.

A nearby favorite is Løkken. This is where the Danes themselves go to vacation. The place is seasonal, so expect all the fun in the summer. Løkken is located on the western coast of North Jutland.

Because Jutland is much less expensive than Copenhagen, you can stay relatively cheap nearby in a summer house or sublet an inexpensive apartment.You can bike into one of the bigger towns or rent a car. It is not uncommon for Danish families to not even own a car. Public transportation and biking are very common in Denmark, even in the countryside, so you will be able to get around without a vehicle. Rent for a 2 bedroom apartment will run $400-600 per month. It is fairly easy to find a short rental period of 1-3 months. If you are coming from the U.S., the maximum time your visa-free Schengen Area stay will allow is 3 months.

Electricity, parking, food, and drinks are all cheaper here than in the nation's capital. You will also be more inclined to spend less from your wallet in this green, lush area of Denmark, since many activities can be enjoyed outdoors in nature. Denmark is well-known for cycling, and North Jutland is no exception. Even in the Danish countryside, cycling is a popular option, with bicycle commute paths strategically paved. And you will enjoy the humor and wittiness of Danish people in this relaxed environment.

Plan to fly into Copenhagen airport and stay a few days getting to know the city, but then try heading over to North Jutland for a month or two. You will be surprised at how you can prolong your entire visit to Denmark this way, and you can always make a small trip back to Copenhagen for a night.

How To Find an apartment or Sublet in Denmark is a Danish website which lists good apartment rentals. Have Google translate the page to English so you can navigate easier. Apartment in Danish is "lejlighed."

The website is not geared toward tourists, so the prices are not outrageous here. This is a site frequently used by Danes themselves to find housing.

Cheap Things To Do

  • Stroll the streets of Aalborg--Aalborg is small city overflowing with an abundance of events, shopping, activities, concerts. Enjoy it by day or night.
  • The Beach--As you can see on the above map of Denmark, North Jutland (the northern-most part of Denmark) is surrounded by beach, on the west, east and north sides. Go to Skagen, an artist's colony on the Northern tip, or go to one of Denmark's other less-crowded beaches.
  • Visit Sweden by Ferry--Sweden is right across the water from Denmark, accessible by a 3-hr ferry ride. This would be a great chance to visit Sweden and take a ride on a well-built ship at the same time.The ship itself contains shops and restaurants. The ferry sails several times per day from Frederikshavn, Denmark to Gothenburg, Sweden and back. Tickets start at about $46 per person round trip.
  • Visit a Danish Castle--Yes, castle really do still exist, moats and all. The following is a list of breath-taking Danish Castles you can visit in North Jutland alone. There are quite a few and you could plan a tour to see them all.

Here is a list of Danish Castles in North Jutland:

  • Boerglum Monestary
  • Voergaard Castle
  • Dronninglund Castle
  • Old Vraa Castle
  • Lindenborg Castle
  • Vietskoel Monestary
  • Hoejris Castle
  • Bidstrup Castle

Larger Cities in North Jutland

  • Aalborg
  • Hjørring
  • Sæby
  • Frederikshavn

North Jutlanders

Overall, the people of North Jutland are friendly and easy-going. Most people speak English and will be happy to converse with you. They like to eat, drink, and have a great time. There is less hustle and bustle, and more of a relaxed environment than in Copenhagen. North Jutlanders are known to be honest, with a strong work-ethic. North Jutland is one of the safest areas in the world.

Enjoy your trip to Denmark!

Do you have anything to add or share any enjoyable experiences in North Jutland, or another area of Denmark? Please comment below!


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    • Sonja Larsen profile image

      Sonja Larsen 4 years ago from Orange County, California

      Cool! Thanks, glad to hear!

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 4 years ago from The Netherlands

      Nice hub. Added Denmark to my bucketlist.