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Lego land - A Couple of Tips we Learnt

Updated on May 17, 2010

A day at lego land

We spent a day at Lego Land for our daughter’s birthday, and had a fantastic time – well she did, and so did her brother. So that’s good enough. I suppose, if the truth was known, I’ll rather have spent the time reading and drinking a cup of tea; but that doesn’t really count. The day was for the children, so that’s what matters.

Lego Land is definitely geared up for the young children, when they get to about 10, you may well find them beginning to get a bit bored of everything here. There’s no big rollercoaster’s which are designed to make you lose your dinner. For your average six year old though, it’s perfect!

Lego Land - Having a Drive

Having a go at the driving school in Lego land
Having a go at the driving school in Lego land

Make a short break of it

We decided to stay the night near Lego Land, as it takes us a good few hours to get home. This also meant a trip to Ikea could be built into the journey home! If you do decide to do the whole thing in a day, and you’ve got a long way to drive, you may well have a long day ahead of you… When we visited, the park shut at 6pm. And by the time the children had purchased some Lego from the shop, we didn’t get back to the car until 7pm. And there are big queues getting out of the car park, oh yes. They are big. It took about an hour to get to the exit. We were pleased at this stage that we’d booked to stay locally.

This time round we decided to stay the night in a hotel, although you may want to think about staying somewhere for the weekend. You can always book yourself a holiday park near Lego land - which the children will love. Or if you fancy an individual cottage, why not have a look at the holiday cottages near Lego land. It really makes the day easier, if you’ve got a long way to travel. And you could always go back for a second day. Emmm... or perhaps one day is quite enough!

More tips?

Hungry for some more Lego Land tips? Have a look at at our other post on HubPages where we praise the latest invention which is Q-Bots at lego Land - ideal for those of us who really don't like to queue!


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