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Legoland Windsor – a Review of Our Day at LegoLand

Updated on May 8, 2010

Our day at LegoLand - get a Q-Bot to make your day better!

We went to LegoLand as a treat for our 6 year-old daughter. We’d been been to Legoland before with our son, so knew roughly what to expect. Our son is now 10 years-old, so is probably at about the maximum age for children, after this they start to get a little bored; LegoLand is definitely geared up for the younger visitor.

There are hundreds (well several, not sure if it actually hundreds...) of different rides to go on. I won’t bang on about them all here, if you pop along to the main LegoLand website they can tell you all the different rides available.

What I really wanted to tell you about is the Q-Bot. Now, I’m not the most patient of people when it comes to queuing, but I thought “it’s not for me, it’s for my daughter, so a bit of queuing will be OK”. After queuing for two rides, at 45 minutes each I’d had enough – especially when I’d seen people amble straight to the front of the queue. That’s when I discovered the Q-Bot.

The very start - getting into LegoLand Windsor

Tell me about the Q-Bot

The Q-Bot allows you to join a virtual queue. This means that you select your ride, and you are given a time to go on that ride. In the mean time you’re free to wonder around the park, or indeed queue for another ride. This magical Q-Bot allows you to get many more rides in, and not spend all day in one queue or another.

Is there a downside? Well, as with everything, it’s not all good. You do have to pay extra for the Q-Bot – and at about £10 per person it isn’t cheap. What we decided to do was get two of these Q-bots (which cost us £20). This meant that the children could go on the rides. Or if the youngest needed an adult, she could go on with one of us adults.

Make a short break of it

If you’re traveling any distance you may wish to make a short break out of your trip to LegoLand. If that’s the case it’s well worth having a look round the holiday parks near legoland to see if you can find a short break for you. Holiday parks are great for the children, and will really give them a weekend to remember.

Want to read some more about LegoLand tips? Or you’ve got some tips which could help anybody else, post them below.

What do you think of LegoLand Windsor - have you got any tips to share?

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