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Legoland uk review - our visit to Legoland in Windsor

Updated on November 21, 2011

Our Legoland UK (Windsor) trip
If your looking to take the family to Legoland uk (Legoland Windsor) then keep reading for an insight into our fun packed day at the park.

What did I expect from the Legoland UK, Windsor park?
I wasn't at all sure what I was expecting from a trip to Legoland UK (Windsor) but I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the park itself, the ease of getting to the park and the fun facilities on offer. Don't expect a peaceful day a or a lot of change in your pocket, as it can be expensive and the kids will go mad.

Car parking
An attraction like this needs to allow for enough parking and it certainly does that with plenty of space. One negative point is that when you pay to get in you have to pay for parking and receive a ticket that you show on your way out. With the nature of the park and the entrance fees, this really is a negative. We visited the park late October and had to pay £2 but I have seen reports where it mentions the parking is as much as £6. I would advise that you call Legoland UK (Windsor) to confirm this, and the cost of the entrance fees.

Legoland Windsor, home of amazing Lego models. There must be hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks in this full size motor bike.
Legoland Windsor, home of amazing Lego models. There must be hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks in this full size motor bike.

Legoland UK (Windsor) Entrance fees
What can I say on this, but they can be expensive, or at least I thought that as we entered the park. Looking back on the day, the facilities they had within the park are fantastic and well worth the smile on the little ones faces, but still a little expensive for a larger family.

We were lucky enough to have free tickets but if we did have to pay it would have been £35 each for the children and £45 each for the adults. Considering there were two adults and three children we would have been looking at £195 to walk on the gate. Just think of the Lego you could buy with that?

If you do have a young family, it is worth shopping around for some kind of deal and our entrance tickets were the result of trading in saved air miles.

Big theme park with big rides can mean big waiting times
Legoland Windsor, like many other similar theme parks does have a system of having to que for rides. You can't get away from this and waiting times can vary thoughtout the day. You can que jump with a system called Q-bot see below for a brief explanation on that. When we visited in late October, and at peak times had waiting times of 45 minutes. Not great with young children and a ride that is over in two minutes.

What is q-bot
Like most large theme parks today, queuing for the rides is part of life. At Legoland Windsor there is a facility called Q-bot which allows you to reduce the time you have to que and wait for rides. The system works by allowing you to join a virtual que. This simple means that you select the ride you want to go on and you are given a time for that particular ride. This then means you can enjoy the rest of the park while you wait for your allocated time on the ride. You can do this for a number of rides and as long as you arrive for your allocated time slot, you can enjoy the ride. During busy times this can be an advantage and will allow you to enjoy more rides with less queuing. When you consider that queuing times can be more than 45 minutes, having an allocated time slot for your ride and making sure you keep to it, will see you on a lot more rides during your day.

Like most things the Q-bot option will cost extra and it's best to check for the latest prices but expect to pay about another ten pounds on top of the entrance fees.

The park at Legoland Windsor is large, much larger than we expected and as a result we did not have chance to go on all the rides and take advantage of all the facilities but what we did go on was well worth it.

On entering the park you are confronted with the big Lego shop, which you know the children will want to look through on your way out. A word of advice on this, allow enough time for you to have a good look through the Legoland shop. There's a fantastic array of Lego on offer ranging from a few pounds to over £350 for a large Star Wars Lego set, well worth a look. We looked around the shop at the end of our visit and it was very busy, so as mentioned, make sure you leave enough time to take a good look at the Lego on offer. This can be an expensive end to your day.

With regards shops within the park, the smaller shops do tend to crop up on a regular basis, along with the usual food stops. These are expensive, as you would expect, so I would advise to go prepared, especially on the drink front and save yourself money on the overpriced food and drink (spend it in the Lego shop instead). One thing I will say about the food outlets, is that they were cleaner and better presented than similar outlets in other parks.

From the main area it is all down hill with some parts being surprisingly steep, which can be tiring after a long day in the park with the children. The up side to this is that the the view of the park and across towards London can be great on a nice day and it's a good start for the children as they can see some of the various rides in the park.

Once you move into the park you will start to see the many giant Lego figures that pop out of the undergrowth and adorn the many rides. These are fantastic and the children went nuts. Within about tens minutes both the younger children were planning to come back and work at Legoland building the models, they just could not believe their eyes.

The rides themselves vary in size and speed and will cater for all tastes and I must say, I was pleasantly surprise at the number of different rides that cater for the young children as well as the older ones, and us big kids!

Great rides fo all the family at Legoland Windsor

My son loved this one

The park itself is sectioned into eleven themed areas including the following.

Adventure Land
Where you can get soaked on the Wave Sufer or take a ride on a prehistoric adventure in a Dinosaur Safari or our favorite The Atlantis ride.

Legoland Windsor, Atlantis ride - the kids loved this one.

Duplo Land
This is an area aimed at the younger members of the party (under 5s) with an interactive waterworks area, chopper squadron helicopters, enchanting fairy tale brook boat ride and the Duplo theatre.

Imagination centre
This is home to the build and test workshop where children can play with Duplo and Lego and the Space Tower where you can pull yourself up high and abseil down. On the Sky Rider you can enjoy great views of the park and the theatre is home to an eye popping movie.

Kingdom of the Pharohs
This area has various rides including Laser riders where you can blast away at various targets as you ride though an acient tomb. There are also drop towers the Aero Nomad ferris wheel, Chair-O-Plane Thunder Blazer and the Dessert Chase carousel.

Knights kingdom
Another great area for the children and my sons first taste of a roller coaster which travels through the depths of the castle before whizzing through the castle grounds. There is also the Knights Quest, a fast spinning carousel ride.

Land of the Vikings
Here you will find the Vikings River Splash, a mad dash through a host of interactive water features. There is also the Longboat Invader swinging and spinning family boat ride. You can also take a ride on the Spinning Spider until you are too dizzy to stand up to explore the Loki's Labyrinth hedge maze.

Lego City
Catch the show at the Lego City Harbour or take a ride on the Orient Expedition train which features lots of Lego wild animals made from millions of Lego bricks. You can also take on a the Digger challenge, which is aimed at the 4 and upwards, where you can take control of a full sized mechanical digger.

Miniland is a fantastic display of the power of Lego, with over 40 million Lego bricks being used to recreate scence from around the world and is well worth a look.

Pirates landing
This is where you can test your nerve and your stomach aboard the Jolly Roger, a wet roller coaster that certainly makes you scream at the end, beware the little ones on the drop at the end of this ride.

The drop at the end of the Jolly Roger ride, beware little ones.

This is aimed at the 6 to 13 year olds where they can get behind the wheel at the driving school. They can also take to the water at the boating school or take the challenge to put out a burring building.

Legoland UK (Windsor) Worth it or not?

There is a lot to get through and the whole family will have a great day. To make the most of the day I would advise you go prepared and if you want to save some money, then take your own food and drink. Planning your day will allow you to do more rides, or invest in the Q-bot to squeeze in those extra few rides.

I was unsure as to what to expect from Legoland Windsor but I can honestly say that it was a busy, but fun packed day and we will be going back.

Is Legoland UK (Windsor) it worth it? YES YES YES.


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