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Legoland 5

Updated on March 17, 2007

Lego Camera Man

Lego Darth Vader and C3PO

Lego Orange Dinosaur

The Big Shop

Legoland: The Beginning and Dino Island

The Beginning

This is where you enter and exit the park. Located here is the stroller/wheelchair rental, two shops, and a place to eat. The place to eat is called the Market. It sells drinks, salads, sandwiches, snacks, and fresh bakery items.

One of the shops is The Big Shop, which, as it name suggests, is the biggest shop in the park. Here you can buy many different Lego sets, from pirates to Bionicles to Clikits, the Legos geared toward girls. Also here, as in many places all over the park, you can get Bionicle shields, swords, and other accessories to dress up as a Bionicle.

The other store is the Marketplace. This is where you can pick up purchases that you have sent here from other stores in the park. My brother bought a large Lego set early in the day in another part of the park, and we were glad we could have it taken to the package pick-up instead of carrying it all day. Here you can buy Legoland souvenirs such as T-shirts, photo frames, and postcards. The coolest thing I saw here was candy in boxes shaped like Legos that could be stacked together. The boxes actually interlock just like Legos. I liked that you could put the lid on the bottom of the container, and it would stay connected so you would not lose it. They also have Pick-a-Mix candy, film, and sundries here.

Also located in the area are four penny-smasher machines. My brother and I collect smashed pennies, so we located all the ones throughout the park. Three are located outside The Big Shop. One machine has Bionicle-themed designs. The other machines contain various designs, mostly containing a Lego guy known as Buddy. The other machine located in this area is near the restrooms. It was my favorite machine in the park. It contains designs of different things featured in Miniland. The four designs are the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, U.S. Capitol Building, and the Statue of Liberty.

Dino Island

Dino Island is a very small area. The only things here are the Coastersaurus, Dig Those Dinos, and Raptor Splash (it was closed for the winter season). At Dig Those Dinos, kids can uncover dino bones that are continuously recovered throughout the day so other kids can rediscover them. The Coastersaurus, as the name says, is a roller coaster with a dinosaur theme.

There is one penny-smasher machine in Dino Island; it is located outside Dig Those Dinos. It contains designs of dinosaurs and the Coastersaurus logo.


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