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Lesser Know Hill Stations in India

Updated on November 6, 2014

When it comes of spending vacation at hill station, most Indians prefer Manali, Shimla, Srinagar or Gulmarg. However there are several other hill stations in India that are also worth visiting. Here is the list of some lesser known hill stations which you may consider to visit with your family.



Once the darling of Indian tourists, Darjeeling has faded away from the mind of Indian tourists. Most North Indians prefer Manali or Srinagar. Most of the tourists that visit Darjeeling are from West Bengal or Odisha. In recent years the movement related to separate Gorkhaland state has further harmed the image of Darjeeling as tourist destination.

However now when the things have returned to normalcy, you should once again give a chance to this charming town in the backdrop of Himalayan Mountains and tea gardens. It has rich Tibetan heritage which is worth visiting. Tiger hill is the highest point at Darjeeling. However the star attraction is Toy Train which covers 86 km distance between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling.



Most tourists aren't likely to plan a vacation for Saputara because they haven’t' heard about it. You will be shocked to know that this hill station is located in Gujarat. The answer to question in your mind is Yes. Gujarat also has a hill station and it’s a picturesque town with some beautiful lakes.

Saputara is also famous for hosting Monsoon Festival which takes place in July-August and the Paragliding Festival. There are plenty of hotels in Saputara and being in Gujarat it also has decent infrastructure to host tourists.


This small city in Himachal Pradesh have been overshadowed by Shimla and Manali that are favorite of tourists looking to spend vacation at hill station.

Dharamshala is quite a new city by Indian standards. In a country where some cities dates back to 2000 years old, you would certainly call a city founded just 150 years ago as relatively young city.

Dharamshala has long been the link between Hinduism and Buddhism. While the local Hindu population is devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga, Dharamshala is also home to thousands of Tibetan people who ran away after the occupation of China. This includes his Holy Dalai Lama who also spends time at Dharamshala.

Tsuglagkhang Complex is the largest Tibetan temple outside Tibet. It is located in Dharamshala and has monestary of Dalai Lama as well as his residence.



Named after the Lord Dalhousie who founded the city during the British Raj is a perfect escape from summer heat of India. Sadly it suffers from same problem like Dharamshala. It is also located in Himachal Pradesh and if you think Manali and Shimla have become too crowded for you then head towards Dalhousie.

Dalhousie has gained some fame as honeymoon destination. While you are in the town do visit Khajjar, a valley located 22 km from the city. Khajjar has been given title of mini Switzerland by none less than Switzerland's Ambassador to India.


The beautiful city in the backdrop of Himalayan mountains came to fame after British established a headquarter here. They did so to escape heat of Indian summer.

Ranikhet was very popular during the British Rule and in early years after the independence of India. However some other prominent hill stations in Uttarakhand like Nainital shot to fame and the interest of tourists gradually decreased in Ranikhet.

Ranikhet is still a very good place to visit. During winter it snows here and the temperature during summer is also very good. This makes Ranikhet worth visiting throughout the year.



It is a small and beautiful town in the Palani hill range on the Western Ghats. It is located in Tamil Nadu which may come as surprise to some since it is believed that hill stations are mostly in North India.

Kodaikanal is very popular among the people of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. But apart from these two states, it hardly receives any tourist. I would highly recommend tourists to give Kodaikanal a try.

Kodaikanal has some very beautiful lakes, gardens and waterfalls. A large area of town is covered with trees. Surely a nature lover would appreciate this town. When it comes to popular attraction, Kodaikanal Lake is the most popular. Here you can rent a boat and sail through the lake with your family.

Which of these hill stations would you prefer to visit?

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