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Let's Take a Road Trip Down I-65

Updated on February 3, 2011

So you need a road trip but don’t know where to go. Well, why don’t we take an imaginary drive and take in some sights along the way. We will start in Gary, In. at the north end of I-65, and head south toward Panama City, Fl. It will take us a while to get there so pack some clothes and a toothbrush and load up. All Set? Let’s go.


It is about 7:00 AM and still cool outside so let’s run the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. Cruising down the road at 65 mph, we don’t see a lot right now. Just miles and miles of fields.



About 45 minutes into our drive we see, in the distance, the elegant wind turbines of Benton County Wind Farm and Fowler Ridge Wind Farm. They seem so small in the distance but they are gradually getting bigger…and BIGGER. As we get closer it becomes obvious that this is no small attempt at harnessing some wind but a major investment of hundreds of enormous generators covering thousands of acres. As we drive through them they appear to line themselves up in perfect rows like some gigantic vegetable garden. It is quite a sight to see.



Leaving the Wind Farms behind we continue our southerly progression. A little after 9:00 AM we are nearing Indianapolis but we need a rest brake. Let’s stop at exit 139 in Lebanon and go to the Flying J travel plaza. Fuel prices are usually pretty competitive here and inside there is a well stocked convenience store and large, well maintained bathrooms. There is also a restaurant but it’s too early for lunch so lets just top off the gas tank and get a snack and head on down the road. I think I’ll have a bag of Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos and a Mountain Dew. What would you like?


It’s 9:30 now and we are back on the road. The sun is getting warm now so let’s run the windows back up, turn on just a touch of air conditioning, and listen to some tuneage. Do you like 80’s music? I have compiled a playlist I call “The Best Best Mix.” Ahh, this is the way to travel. The feel of the open road under the tires, watching the world pass by outside, and the sounds of Foreigner and Journey coming through the speakers. Life is good. Life is very good.


There are 2 ways to get past Indianapolis: around and through. Let’s go through. Every city is unique and has its own distinguishing skyline. Indianapolis can be recognized by its tallest building ChaseTower. 830 feet tall, ChaseTower has a white, sloping rooftop with 2 antennae on top.

Watch the road signs as we drive through here. It is important to be alert to what lane we need to use. As we curve around the east side of downtown Indianapolis we want to stay on I-65. If we are not careful we can find ourselves headed east on I-70 and not know how we got there.


Indianapolis is behind us now and the sun continues to climb the eastern sky. It is 11:00 and we are, once again, cruising at 65 with not much outside to keep us wowed. That’s ok. Just being on the move is doing wonders for my outlook. How about you?


12:30 PM just rolled around and we are crossing the GeorgeRogersClarkMemorialBridge into Louisville, Ky. Louisville’s most distinguishing skyline characteristic is the beautiful, domed roof of the Aegon Center off to the right as we head into town. This sight is even more dramatic at night when the dome is illuminated.


Are you hungry? I am starving so let’s stop for lunch. I have heard that there is a nice little place called Angie’s Café just east of the airport. Let’s check it out.


After we eat lunch we will begin our drive through Kentucky. We will see some beautiful countryside and stop at some interesting places along the way but that is for another hub that I will write very soon. For now, enjoy your lunch and thanks for coming along with me. Road trips are so much more fun when shared with a friend.


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    • MrGreywolf38 profile image

      MrGreywolf38 5 years ago

      It's pretty dry aside from the wind turbines. They are a sight to see. Lafayette has plenty of restaurants and some shopping but I don't know if there is anything exciting to see there.

    • profile image

      cheri 5 years ago

      Anything interesting between Indianapolis and Gary? Want to find a spot to meet a friend from Chicago. I'm in Louisville.