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Life in Dubai

Updated on August 3, 2017

Dubai is fast becoming a major economic hub for entire globe , the development is breath taking .It is the most liberal city in the entire gulf area ,It can now claim to be truly cosmopolitan city with residents from around 180 countries .Expats account for 85% of the population of the city.Dubai is among the seven emirates that make United Arab Emirates.

Highlights of Dubai -A Paradise in dessert

Culture and heritage: Dubai has got predominantly arab culture and Islam is the major religion . Dubai is ruled by rulers from Maktoum s family . Earlier natives were called Bedouins and were fisherman or sea warriors .Rulers are from Makhtoum clan .Language spoken are Arabic , English , Hindi and Malayalam

Currency : Dirham or AED ,the currency is pegged with dollar 1 USD =3.67AED

Visa : Tourist visa is valid for 30 days and can be extended to 90 days with some payments . Few countries citizens have privileged of getting tourist visa on arrivals.

Standard of living:Standard of living is comparable to any city of developed country.It has got world class amenities like hospitals , schools , multiplexes, apartments , malls , roads , public transport and supermarkets .Dubai is host to several cultural programs , business seminars ,music concerts and sporting events.

Cost of living :Cost of living is as good as any European country .Rental s' varies from USD 1000/- for studio flats to USD 50,000/- for two bedroom.Cost of medicine and treatment are very high .Books cost more in Dubai .Travel is also costly as taxis charge are high .

Food: Number of restaurant and hotels provides all kind of food right from indian , thai , oriental ,lebanese ,arabic, european to japanese and south american .

Jobs: Logistic s, accounting , construction/real estate and hospitality are hot jobs in dubai .Check if you have requisite diplomas and degrees for these jobs . Switching jobs have some restrictions . Free zones are established for industry where you have freedom of switching jobs ..Major advantage for jobs is that you have zero tax regime.No income tax in Dubai.

Public Transport:Public transport in Dubai is mostly depended on thousands of taxis which on roads . Public buses are very few and their frequency very low , to solve this problem Dubai government has almost completed metro rail projects . Trial are on and might by end of this year people can travel by metro . This would also help to solve the traffic congestion we see in Dubai .

Night life:Dubai is one of the safest place as far as personal safety is concerned . Laws are strict and police vigilant . All hotels have bars , clubs , dance bar and discotheques . Entry fees are charged for visiting these clubs .You can find all varieties of clubs like indian , european , african ,phillipines , thai , etc . Major attraction of course is the bele dance which is regular show for these dance bars .

Tourist Places

Beaches : Jumeraih beaches you can find paid and free beaches in this area .

Jebet ali peak point is the highest point in Dubai and one can view entire Dubai from this place .Night scenes are breath taking.

Hatta is one of the scenic spot for visitors in this desert land.

Desert safari is must for any visitor to Dubai . The beauty of sand dunes and the night campfire are unforgettable experience.

Cruise can give a beautiful view of city in night .

Abra is a small motor boat which carries people from Bur Dubai to Diera .

Gold souk the gold market of Dubai.

Malls : Numerous malls could be found in Dubai but the most important are

Mall of emirates ( Ski Dubai is located here ), Dubai Mall , BurJuman Mall , City Centre , Dragon Mall , Ibn Batuta , Mercato Mall

Amusement or theme parks : Wild Wadi and Dubai Wonderland

Building s : Burj Dubai , Burj Al Arab , Palm beach .

Dubai creek is a beautiful in midst of city you can enjoy your evening just sitting in the park built around the shore .

One can visit zoo and museum in the city .For shopping freaks can visit Meena bazar and Diera market .Best month for visit are during November to February during which Major festival ie Dubai Shopping Festival is organised one should visit Global village during this festivals.

You can also plan for neighbourhood places like Abudhabi , Fujairah ,Sharjah , Ajman ,Ras al khaimmah

Ports and Airports: Jebel ali and Port Saeed are the major port for trade . Dubai International Air port is one of the best airport in the world .It s connected to almost all cities of the world with major airline of Emirates Airline of its own .

Do's And Don'ts in Public place

Intimacy should not be shown in public place

Observe the dress code in beaches

Follow traffic rules strictly

Eating , drinking and smoking outside in public is strictly prohibited during Ramadan , a holy month of Islam ( Fasting is observed during this month)

Short dress are to be avoided.

Respect females members.

Don't take pics of Arab lady without her permission.

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burj al arabbeachesDubai airportseven star hotel burj al arabthe  sky line of dubaicranes in dubai
burj al arab
burj al arab
Dubai airport
Dubai airport
seven star hotel burj al arab
seven star hotel burj al arab
the  sky line of dubai
the sky line of dubai
cranes in dubai
cranes in dubai


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    • travelsee profile image

      travelsee 5 years ago

      Harsh but true

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      issues veritas 9 years ago

      I think that they have less rules visiting the Vatican.

      Is killing people allowed as long as you are dressed properly and not smoking?