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Life in Village on Hill of Uttarakhand India

Updated on June 4, 2015

Life in Village on Hill of Uttarakhand India

Anyone who is customary of residing in a metro city may face some difficulty while riding on a bus or a car so as to reach some villages on hills. But once reached and have stayed for few days there he or she can find out a vast difference in between life in a village & a city. In all villages either a small one having people hardly in double digit to the one having population around 500, one thing is very common, life is very peaceful. People are well attached with each other. In pains and sorrows, whole village shares and supports you, in contrast of that where your neighbor hardly knows you in a city. In a densely populated city you hardly can see spare space as the entire location happens to be filled with buildings and roads. In a village all mountains rivers plants and blue sky is all that what you see when standing at your rooftop. That’s the difference in between a city and a village on hill in Uttarakhand.

In village life starts with dawn early in the morning by the time sun rises, most of the people are done with their breakfasts. A simple life where everything right from the fresh air, water and pollution free atmosphere people are very genuine and honest resulting in zero crime rate. They take meal little early in the evening so as to get sleep in time and wake up before dawn in the morning. Almost each family has atleast one person working in cities for earning as there aren’t means of employments anymore. Major occupation is farming and animal husbandry.

Drinkable water is carried out from natural sources, which happens very unique in taste. The first thing pugnacious you face the taste of water when you have just come down in a city from hills. After spending many days on hills when one returns from there, it has to brave to reconcile with the taste of water in a city for few days initially. Due to very low transportation and almost no industrial activity the atmosphere is free of pollution. The common diseases in cities like diabetes and obesity do not grasp people there. The most uncommon thing about the people is that women work more than men on hills. Women take more responsibility in running the home they happen to be harder in work than men. This is quite obvious as men have to come down to cities for some employment so all the tasks of home have to be completed by women including parenting and guidance of children.

In many remote villages people still farm without chemical fertilizers and use the old traditional organic farming method to produce grains and some cash crops too. In winter season people prepare breakfast of pure organic Ragi flour with Ghee or Chutney which is the trademark food of Uttarakhand. Any person belonging to Uttarakhand residing in any corner of world repents for not having this breakfast in winter mornings. If you residing outside Uttarakhand hills and somehow you succeed to prepare this menu still unfortunately it still lacks that original taste of Uttarakhand due to different environments.

The most unique factor in the lives of the people of hill is that their usual meal consists of many natural and 100% organic herbs, shrubs and some climbers. Mainly the produces are medicinal plants and commonly used in Ayurveda to prepare medicine. Horse gram paste is mixed and cooked with fresh stinging nettle (Urtica Dioica) leaves to prepare the vegetable fondly eaten with rice. This vegetable when cooked in an iron pot gives the maximum healing to the stone patient. So doctors advise people to make it an inevitable part of the meal so as to remain healthy and fit and to ensure it as a full protection against stone. Some studies even indicate nettle as a remedy to cure cancer. Kadi-Pata (Murraya Koenigii(L) Sprengel ) is a shrub which is used in many dishes. Basingu (Adhatoda Zeylancia Mendikus ) ia another shrub which is used to make vegetable. Similarly Guiral (Bauhinia purpurea L) Semal (Bombax ceiba L. ) etc. are the other medicinal plants used to prepare meal.

When the usual meal includes so many medicinal plants how any disease could affect anyone under such healthy circumstances? That’s the reason why people are so healthy and fit even in their old ages. For me it’s very difficult to remain away from my home on hills of Uttarakhand. This is simply heaven on earth.


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