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Life is only a Journey

Updated on February 8, 2012


I Wonder Where they Bury all the Sinners. As the Graveyards never seem to hold one.

Because each Obituary stone is always Silent. (Just a Parable). Or, You may want to Check out the Facts.

This is not a look down or Mucking of the dead, but a typical chill that crawls on you every time you enter the Cemetery.

The different types of paying homage to the dead;- written on the memorial stones of each of them.

On one Ocation, one Particular sign that first greet you is at the main entrance Gate adjoined to the Main popular street, which says "Don't wait for us, we'll wait for you. Just Drive savely".

What a better way to Caution road Drivers. Expecially the young new Drivers. Maybe it will sink into their Brain- to take hid of this warning. No need to rush. You cannot go pass your house. But get there savely. Don't be a Stone Head or a Head Stone with the sign on it. Typically says

"Here lies a young brilliant, successful, kind, and loving Jerk,and a morron, who left his family too soon without a proper Good Bye".

Life is only a Journey, may God help us as we Travel through it.


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