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LIFE takes you to unexpected places..and love brings you HOME!

Updated on March 5, 2013

Tring!!Tring!! the phone bell never seemed to be so sweet to me as it feels to be today.I answered the phone immediately.On the other side of the phone my husband said "So my dear start packing our bags we are leaving on 19 Feb".I kept the phone after a very short conversation.I always wondered how life would be outside India but never dreamed that I would experience it so soon.I was eagerly waiting to reach US.

It was a sunny day and after I washed my cloths , I took them outside to dry.In India we have a long string that normally extends from one end to another tied normally from a one tree to another,on which we put our cloths for drying.Suddenly I thought how will I dry my cloths in such a cold weather when I reach US.Then I felt that may be I can tie a string inside my home in a room or two. I even wondered how people are surviving in such cold weather of -10°F, I even thought of using 5 small room heaters in winter.As I was thinking more and more I heard my in laws calling "Come dear lets have our lunch!". I then had a lovely lunch with rice, fish curry and good salad with vegetable mix. While washing my dishes I always wished I could have some machine were I could put my dishes and get them washed,because this was the most I hated to do.

Days passed by and we reached Minneapolis, all my questions were answered but I was still so curious about the fast running cars with GPS, the freeway concepts,dryer for drying cloths,the dishwashers,no daily current cuts,the centralized heaters ,the fully carpeted houses,hot water facilities,ovens and microwaves.

These things make life so easy but whatsoever is there , I still miss my home,my family and my country,its greenery,the freedom,weather,the small roadside shops,the loaded up cars,cool breeze,the crowd, birds in my garden ,lovely grasshoppers and many more things.

Though we all get what we want but nothing can be equal to our families,besides all the materialistic comforts,we still would miss those whom we love and would long to go back to them. After all " LIFE takes you to unexpected places but Love brings you HOME"

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Minneapolis, MN, USA
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