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Limo service is Las Vegas

Updated on March 14, 2011

Living it up with a limo in Las Vegas

Limousines are not exactly an uncommon site in Las Vegas. Whether you're there for a bachelor party or just to live it up with your buddies, getting a limo in Las Vegas is just the thing to do, along with getting hammered and losing the down payment on your house on the craps tables.

Not all limo services are the same. There are some great limo companies in Las Vegas -- in fact, some of the best in the world, but there are also some companies that should be put out of business. They use old limos that smell bad and have rude drivers. That's hardly the experience anyone wants when their in Sin City. You might as well be paying $10 to get a Las Vegas cab or even less to get a pass on the Deuce Bus.  

Some quick limo service reviews

Here's a quick rundown of some limo companies that are available in Las Vegas:

  • CLS Nevada - This service has had mixed reviews. Some people have noted the friendly drivers, while other have complained about being billed more than the quoted price or experiencing what is commonly called a bait-and-switch scheme. Basically, they claimed to have ordered a limo and been quoted a price and then when it gets there the driver won't let them in until they call back and agree to a higher charge. This puts customers in a bad position if they need to get somewhere quickly and don't have other transportation options.
  • Las Vegas Limousines - This company gets generally good reviews. Their prices are competitive and their service is excellent.
  • Limousines of Nevada LLC - This company has very limited reviews, but they aren't very good. One person claims they scheduled far in advance only to have their expected pick-up canceled on the day they needed it.
  • Bell Trans - This is one of the more popular limo and shuttle services from McCarren Airport. They get mixed reviews. Their drivers are nice but people have claimed they sometimes get overbooked, which can leave you waiting a long time for your limo or shuttle. This is especially bad when it's the return trip to the airport and you don't have time to spare.
  • Presidential Limousine Las Vegas - The average review for this service uses the word "unprofessional" about 3 times. People don't like the dispatch, the complain of the limo arriving late, they complain about the quality of the limos. The worst part about this service is when the drivers lie to their dispatch and claim they were there and you weren't. 
  • Limousine Las Vegas - Not to be confused with Las Vegas Limousine, this company is top-notch. They have great service and their drivers will tell you how to get around town fast if it's your first time in Vegas. Try their VIP tour for a great all-night package that will have you and your friends doing up Vegas like rock stars all night. 
  • Allo Limo of Las Vegas - Another one of the well-liked limo services. This service averages 4.78 out of 5 stars from a total of 18 reviews on one site. Allo Limo has been around for nearly 20 years and is perhaps best known for this packages that will take you long distances, such as their Los Angeles to Las Vegas service for a flat rate of $420.  
  • Seiji Las Vegas Limousine Services - This company gets good reviews and has some unique model limousines. They have the typical stretch Escalade like everyone else, but they also have a 1928 Cadillac limo for those of you looking to really class things up. People really seem to love their service and their drivers. 


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