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Love Limousin

Updated on July 16, 2012

Limousin Landscape

Villemonteix, Limousin
Villemonteix, Limousin | Source

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Limousin Introduction

The Limousin region of Central France is landlocked - despite no sea coasts it has 1000s of lakes, many with artificial beaches. It is surrounded by the Poitou-Charentes on the west, Centre region to the north, and Auvergne on the eastern border. To the south, the Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine flank the region. The main city is Limoges but there are many more delightful market towns and villages in this predominantly rural region.

Places to Visit in the Creuse

Here are a selection of places to visit:

  • Vassivière Lake, one of France’s largest artificial lakes.
  • Landes Lake: the only totally natural lake in the Limousin
  • Aubusson Tapestry; centuries-old weaving craft, recently added as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.
  • Boussac Château: the Château dates from the 12th, 13th and the beginning of the 15th century.

Places to visit in the Correze

Correze is southernmost department with its capital at Tulle.

Haute-Correze: moorlands, forests and peat bogs with fabulous views at Suc au May. Villages to visit: Treignac, Segur-le-Chateau and Uzerche.

The south is more popular; visit the trio of three 'most beautiful villages of France' including Turenne and Collonges-la-Rouge and Curemonte.

Both the Dordogne river and the Vézère river run through the department, and there are many lakes in the department.

Places to Visit in the Haute-Vienne

The Haute-Vienne is a lovely centre for a vacation with rolling landscapes criss-crossed with rivers and numerous lakes. The capital is Limoges famous for its porcelain industry.

An unusual location to visit is the preserved village of Oradour-sur-Glane showing the devastation caused by the Germans in Word War II. West of Aixe-sur-Vienne us the Regional Parc of Perigord-Limousin.

Towards the north of the department check out the historic town of Le Dorat, and period properties in Bellac.

Living in the Limousin

Predominantly an agricultural region, there are plenty of rural properties in the Limousin - so plenty of barns and farmhouses for conversion and renovation. Prices are cheap in this region, and is popular with foreign investors. With the airport at Limoges and autoroutes from Calais it is becoming a long weekend retreat for the Brits!

Weather: Limousin is surrounded by mountains, primarily the Massif Central, which because of their altitudes bring long winter times and strong rainfalls. On the lower ground the winters are generally mild (but with sharp cold temperatures in the depth of winter), and long sunny summers. The grass is green so expect some rain!

Limousin Map

3 Departments of Limousin

There are 3 departments in the Limousin: Haute Vienne, Creuse and Correze. The region is becoming quite popular with tourists - here are the 3 main tourist boards of Limousin.

Departments of Limousin

3 Departments of Limousin Region
3 Departments of Limousin Region | Source

Flavour of the Limousin

Video Guide to the Limousin Region in France - from the modern city of Limoges to the tranquility of rural Limousin. The tempo is slow and the landscapes large and varied. From the many lakes to the bustling market towns. Lots to see and do from fishing, yachting, walking and visiting the many chateaux and historic buildings - check out the video below;

Video Tour of the Limousin

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