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Living A Normal Life In Vegas

Updated on September 16, 2008

Over the past decade, Las Vegas has experienced a huge increase in population growth. So much so that outlying areas have expanded to take on some of the overflow.

With this in mind, the U-haul Centers never seem to have enough moving vehicles, trucks and trailers to rent. The reason? People who once had high hopes of making Las Vegas a permanent home leave in droves.

Las Vegas has ample sun, first rate night life, opera, symphony, and reasonable housing costs with adequate schools and medical care. The police force is dedicated, while Nevada courts dispense their special justice. The criminals are separated from the good folks.

People come to gamble. The casions employ thousands of full time workers at above average wages. Construction has been booming, the univesity expanding.

To the west a few miles up the highway is Red Rock Canyon with some of the best trails anywhere. Further west is Mt. Charleston. outdoor, winter sports such as sking, ice skating and snowmobiling take place in resort type surroundings. Many summer campgrounds, streams, and trails are used by visitors.

Closer to the city, weekend garage sales dot the suburban landscape with their hand painted signs, piles of clothing, books, small appliances and knick knacks..Driving through the neat landscape, of tile roof homes, here and there a little league game or soccer match is accompanied by cheers of friends and relatives.

What is striking is the number of U-haul trailers and moving vans loading the possessions of another family moving out. Las Vegas is called a transient city by the locals. Locals are those who do not frequent the casinos on a regular basis. Many who come to Las Vegas cannot stay away from the gambling and what they perceive as an exciting lifestyle. It does no good to point out to them that the longer a player is in the casino, the more he/she loses. There is nothing else to do but gamble. There are no couches or comfortable chairs to sit out awhle, only the incessant sounds of the clicking coins, the sounds made by the boss at the craps table as the dice are rolled, the excited murmering cheers and conversation of the crowd when their point is made.

Drinks are free but require a tip to the scantily clad server.Some people cannot resist the message promoted by the casino. Girls, free drinks and easy money. lots of reasonably priced food and an affordable room When one gets too tired and drops from exhaustion.Of course, it's all an illuson but one that is irresistable to the construction worker, the English teacher, the off duty cop, retired men and women who are living on a trust fund, retirement, or social security. The casino workers get hooked into the after work poker game, or the chance to suppliment their paycecks. Many do. Many live from pay check to pay check.

Others are sick of it all and decide on Wednesday to move back to Dubuque, or st. Paul, or back to the grind on the freeways of Los angeles. They leave on Sunday, after the yardsale, often with only gas money or airfare. The car and furniture was reposessed long ago, the savings lost in a late night poker game, whch they were in way over their head. But these may be the lucky ones who get out before degredation and shame. They take the last vestige of their shame and get out of the city.

Thats the Las Vegas story not often heard in Dallas and Pittsburgh. A pretty girl may delay the inevitable, but she may be beaten arrested, and even killed over $40.The ones that lose their shame become addicted, pay off a front man or pimp, spend their last earnings in the casino and hit the streets again.

Thousands move to Las Vegas and treat the casinos as nothing special or as a means to a paycheck. No one forces them to gamble, or to drink, or do any of the other vices available in most large cities. They work, raise and school their children, and save for retirement with few problems.


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    • Ryan Hupfer profile image

      Ryan Hupfer 

      10 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Wow, great answer to my request! Thanks for writing and you should add a profile picture when you get a chance...we can't see you! :)


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