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Living in San Francisco: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Updated on December 28, 2011

Like most things, it depends on who you talk to, what their experience is, their preferences etc. However, like many other things, there are some universal similarities most agree upon. For example, take LA, most will love the weather and beach, hate the traffic.

San Francisco, the city by the ocean and bay, has never been that friendly for business. It is hard to get to, hard to find a parking spot, going at the wrong time = traffic congestion ad nauseum, high taxes and now, America's highest minimum wage of $10.24. For businesses planning to set up there, it is a detrimental. For those already there, they are stuck and will somehow pass along this new edict to their customers-as if it is not already an expensive place to live or work in.

SF reminds me of NYC. A concrete jungle with a few isolated natural spots where nature can be found. Hard to move about in traffic, congested, a large amount of people squeezed into a condensed area, costly to visit even for a day, costly to live there. Of course, there is the urban "hum" of activity unlike that in the suburbs, there is opera, shows. But unlike NYC, SF weather is usually a negative with its fog, much cooler temps, and at times, smog, year around. For those going there from either the east or north bay regions, the rising costs to simply cross the few bridges is simply an additional issue from $4-6. For most, the maze of one streets within SF proper will simply infuriate you if you do not know the city. Just finding a parking spot, whether you are a visitor or you are living there, will always complicate a simple thing in most other places. The 700,000 or so residents who live there, do have a far easier time and obviously like the fog, cool weather all year, culture, and going to work. For them, there is no better place to live, but for those who only work in SF, it is a source of discontent that only grows worse until they do something about it.

The good is culture, urban activities buzz, and work (but only if you live there). The bad and ugly is just about everything else.


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    • Rossogrosso profile image

      Rossogrosso 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      I know, $10 an hour is really low. Maybe it should be $25. Yeah the cool temperature is HORRIBLE! Anyone in their right mind ought to move to the East and melt in the humid inferno. Well, hopefully, one day EVERY WORKER IN SAN FRANCISCO will be UNIONIZED and get their fair share of the wealth they are generating by selling their labor to heartless, gutless bosses. Not much in the way of nature, huh? No, just Golden Gate Park, the GGNRA, the nearby San Mateo County Parks, the East Bay Regional Parks, the State Parks (that are closing because of spineless legislators who refuse to tax the billionaire corporations who produce nothing of any tangible worth. One way streets are just awful, with the smooth flow of traffic they engender. Hmm. Yeah SF sucks, mostly cause of the whiners who come here and impose their ideas of how it should be more like that dirty cesspool called NYC. It'll be way better when everyone who hates it so much decides to NOT LIVE HERE and go home.