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Living in Tropical Island - Are you interested?

Updated on July 10, 2011

Manokwari city

the capital of Papua Barat Province in the Republic of Indonesia
the capital of Papua Barat Province in the Republic of Indonesia

I live in tropical island
Hi, I am Charles Roring a full time blogger. I live in Manokwari, a city in the tropical island of Papua. Papua is the second largest island in the world after Greenland. But it is the largest tropical island. The eastern half is govern by a free state Papua New Guinea and the western hal is ruled by the Republic of Indonesia. With a population of around 2.3 million people, West Papua seems empty. Papua also has many smaller satellite islands around it. The famous ones are located in Raja Ampat regency and Geelvink bay, two best snorkeling and scuba diving sites in the world. Beatiful coral reefs decorate the waters of many tropical islands there. Resort owners from around the world have visited the regions and are thinking of opening their branches there. Some have run diving centers in Raja Ampat while others prefer to open big beach hotels in Manokwari city - the capital of West Papua province to serve both the local citizens and tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling in Mansinam, Lemon, Raimuti and Kaki - four tropical islands located near the beach city.

White sandy beach

Mansinam island near Manokwari city of Papua
Mansinam island near Manokwari city of Papua

A tropical island that is very rich in natural resources

Papua is very rich in natural resources. Much of its land is still covered with dense tropical rainforest. The waters are rich of fish that have high economic value such as tuna, grouper and various species of coral fish. Coral reefs in the Raja Ampat islands and Geelvink bay are considered the best in the world. Beneath the ground is a very large deposit of precious minerals such as gold, and copper, oil and gas. Well, talking about a tropical island, one will think that it is a land covered with coconut trees, and tropical rainforest with hundreds of kilometers of white sandy beach. That's true. In addition, the sun shines all year round (including during the rainy season). I have seen a number of westerners in this city. They said they like living in this tropical island. Perhaps you might wonder how these westerners earn money to support or meet their daily needs?
Listen, Indonesia is not a poor country. It is one of the states in the world that is now enjoying rapid economic growth. Every year millions of tourists from Europe, Asia and America come to this country. Most of them go to Bali (the most famous tropical island in the world) but there are also many people visit Papua island.

PELNI Passenger Ship

in Manokwari Harbor
in Manokwari Harbor

Some Westerners Work in Travel and Tourism Industry

That's how a number of westerners make money here. They promote this island as a tourist destination. They sell tour package on the internet and if there are people buy it, they will be the tour leader guiding the tourists travel is island. If you type Raja Ampat islands or Cendrawasih bay national park in search engine Google or Yahoo, you will read a lot of information which say that They are the two best marine park in the world that are rich (the highest in the world) in terms of marine bio-diversity. Also shipwrecks around Mansinam and Lemon island in the Dorey bay of Manokwari city are considered as the best wreck diving site in Indonesia. The Table Mountain that is located near the city has wonderful natural caves where tourists like to visit and enjoy caving and bat watching there. Some westerners have opened and run diving resorts there. The number of tourists who come to Papua is rising rapidly now.

Zebra fish in the coral reef of tropical island of Mansinam
Zebra fish in the coral reef of tropical island of Mansinam
Zebra fish in the coral reef near tropical island of Mansinam just a few kilometers from Manokwari city.
Zebra fish in the coral reef near tropical island of Mansinam just a few kilometers from Manokwari city.
Beautiful white sandy beach of tropical island of Mansinam in the Dorey bay of Manokwari - the capital of West Papua province
Beautiful white sandy beach of tropical island of Mansinam in the Dorey bay of Manokwari - the capital of West Papua province

Papua - the largest tropical island in the world

Papua island or also called New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. If you see on the map, it is located above the continent of Australia. The eastern half of the island is ruled by an independent state of Papua New Guinea whereas the Western half by the Republic of Indonesia. The Western Half is called Papua or West Papua before 1998, it was named Irian Jaya by Indonesia.

Manokwari, the capital of West Papua province, is considered as the most beautiful city in the world due to its location in the Dorey bay that is surrounded by the beautiful blue Arfak Mountains and the green Table Mountain. In the middle of the bay, three islands - Mansinam, Lemon and Raimuti islands are frequently visited by tourists from around the world to watch birds, and to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of coral reef and shipwrecks. Two lakes at the foot of the Arfak Mountains provide beautiful panoramic view of the tropical island of Papua.

Arfak mountains have been famous to many birders because a unique species of vogelkop bowerbirds like to perform courtship dance in the morning to seduce their female birds. They also build display stage that are appreciated by world class architects. There are also magnificent birds of paradise that are often considered as the king of seduction in the avian world. The tropical rainforest of Arfak mountains is also home to the world's largest butterfly.

Mansinam island

in the Dorey bay of Manokwari
in the Dorey bay of Manokwari

How Westerners Live in Papua Island

  • I also know that there are Westerners who work for giant multi national companies such as Rio Tinto and the British Petroleum. These companies have mining operation in this tropical island. Rio Tinto operates copper mine in Tembaga Pura with the capital of its regency Timika town and BP is now preparing to export its LNG from Tangguh field in the Bintuni area.
  • If you are a religious person, you can come and live in Papua as missionaries. Majority of the population in Papua island are Christians from various denominations.
  • Or if you are a kind of person who is a nature lover, you can also live in Papua as a staff of an NGO. I know a couple who work on the empowerment of the local people. They manage a losmen (small hotel) which is called Losmen YAT. It stands for Yayasan Alternative Turis or The Foundation of Alternative Tourism. This foundation, together with their head foundation the SDSP in the Netherlands promote ecotourism project in West Papua. From this name, you can easily know that the revenue will be reinvested in various sustanable development program aiming at helping Papuan people develop their economy, education and health.
  • To a certain extent there are small number of westerners (mostly from the Netherlands) who come and live permanently in this Papua island in their retirement age. Why? Because they had spent their youth life here when the Dutch governed this territory until 1962. They built nice houses by the beach, and live with the local indigenous people of Papua as their friends and brothers.

Well, Papua is special in Indonesia. It enjoys huge amount of budget from central government in Jakarta. Every year trillions of rupiahs or billions of US dollars is being injected into this island to accelerate the development of this territory. Roads into the interior region are being built, high speed internet access have been provided by national state owned telecomunication company, Telkom, and schools and health centers are being constructed.

For more information, just contact me

Over all, you will see that you will not find difficulties in buying your daily needs in malls and supermarket in Manokwari city, the capital of Papua Province.
To convince you about of this city in tropical island looks like, I give you a picture of it in this hub.
For more information, please, contact me: Charles Roring email or via my mobile phone +6281332245180


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    • charlesroring profile image

      charlesroring 6 years ago

      I am lucky to live in New Guinea - the largest tropical island in the world. However in every place where we live, there are challenges such as the economic, political, and cultural issues that we have to adapt or overcome.

    • s4176766 profile image

      s4176766 6 years ago

      awesome hub pretty lucky to have been there already whilst on a break from prac engineering work at the ok tedi mine

    • charlesroring profile image

      charlesroring 7 years ago

      Hi Mark,

      Before deciding to retire in a tropical island, you need to see it first. Why don't you come to Manokwari city (see the picture above in my article) and see by yourself?

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      Enjoy your Blog Charles, I want to sell everything and find a nice Island to retire.

      Is it just a dream? Hope not!

      Absolute best wishes,


    • charlesroring profile image

      charlesroring 7 years ago

      Although tropical island seems beautiful in the pictures, they are not always as comfortable as what we may think. Indonesia is the largest tropical archipelago in the world, living in Jakarta, Surabaya is the same as living in big cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo or perhaps New York.

    • shelby22 profile image

      shelby22 7 years ago from Houston

      Beautiful pictures, I'm just not the adventurous type.