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Top Facts about the Italian Culture in Italy

Updated on September 30, 2011

There are many reasons why Expats pick the countries that they are moving to. A lot of it has to do with the attitude of the person maybe they have visited there in the past and like the lifestyle associated in that country. Some expats move to certain countries because of the weather, the food, or even the culture. No matter what the reason that you have to choose the country that you live in enjoy it the best that you know how. In this article I’m going to tell you why I choose Italy and the exciting adventures that await you here to.

When you ask an Italian person a very straight forward question for example, where are you from? They usually say something to the extent of Sono siciliano or sono neapolitano. The pride in the place you have made roots with your family were born are ever present. They know that your home is where your heart will forever be. Because, your home it contains the most beautiful people and wonderful surroundings that you will never forget.

Campanilismo in a local italian city
Campanilismo in a local italian city

Among Italians there is a very intense pride for their home region or city that contains their original history of there families. Italy has a very intense history with families they would normally struggle over land and various trade roots. If you have ever seen the godfather movie series you know what I’m talking about. J if not you will need to check them out.

Italy as a country has only been around a little over 150 years it was first established when the Risorgimento movement created it around the early 1860’s. Italy as a whole is really made up of tiny sub sections which can even be associated with countries of their own. They tend to have their own history, culture, and family traditions. Each province builds a symbolic tower to their home region. These Towers are called “Campanile” it refers to the intense loyalty that and Italian feels towards there how province. There is a unique competition where the Italians compete over who has the largest and most beautiful tower in there providence. The city with the most Campanile towers is San The city of San Gimignano in Tuscany has 14 of them!

Modern Campanilismo

In modern times Italians have extended their roots and also have extended their campanilismo or their pride. You see it also nowadays in the excitement of Italian football matches. (For you gringos that are means soccerJ) Football is Italy’s most popular sport and the competition to be the countries best is very intense. Sometimes the teams that picked are so furiously attended or defended that it even pits family members against themselves. If you ask an Italian why they are celebrating a victory after a match you will most likely hear not because they won but because his enemy lost.

Of course while looking into the aspect of Italian pride you will find that it is not all negative. It really brings cities together and a common bond is formed when the matches are played. There are many instances of cities having more volunteers then needed for certain events. More volunteer Health organizations for the public to help improve health and physical activity for the citizenry are open year round. Along with this also comes lower crime rates and some cities in Italy have the lowest in the world because of their local pride.

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    oishi 7 years ago

    Italy is one place I always love to read about. Thanks for sharing.