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Living in the South from a New Yorker's perspective

Updated on June 11, 2018

Living in North Carolina from a New Yorker's Perspective

If you're considering moving to the South from New York to say North Carolina, get ready to embrace change.

Living in North Carolina for me has been peaceful and positive, but not productive financially thus far one year later. NC does offer good value housing wise whether you are a renter or homeowner.

The economy in NC is good. The Research Triangle Park (RTP) area which includes the towns of Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh have many progressive companies based within RTP including top quality high-tech companies such as IBM, SAS, Red Hat and Lenovo to name a few. So, If you have a solid tech background; chances are you will hit the ground running and will earn a competitive salary quickly.

However, I wish someone would have told me what the town of Cary cynically stands for; Containment Area for Relocated Yankees before I moved there. And be prepared; your water and sewer bill will be much more expensive. The major cities I've been to; downtown Charlotte and Raleigh are kind of like a mini Manhattan with fewer and smaller buildings and also provide better/less expensive parking options.

In NC there are new roads to appreciate as well as lots of greenery in a clean state where the slower-paced, peaceful quality of life is to be enjoyed along with friendlier, more relaxed people. I'll admit I did learn to enjoy playing cornhole. For sure there is less traffic than driving in the New York metro area and cigarettes are much cheaper.

If you are a lifetime New Yorker like me, you will miss the pizza and bread products of all kinds you were accustomed to almost anywhere in the NY Metro area. On day 1, I went into the local Harris Teeter and asked for a knish and the deli clerk looked at me oddly and said "What is knish?" Chewing tobacco and Mountain Dew are popular items purchased at every Kangaroo Express I've been to and that's certainly not what sells well in NY.

It would be advantageous to follow the college basketball and football teams that rule the state in NC and have earned national attention for good reason. That is if you want to attract local friends quicker. This year and yet again, a NC college basketball make it to the Finals as UNC unfortunately lost a heartbreaker to Villanova. Last year Duke and Coach K were Champions of the college basketball world.

Anytime the almost always top-ranked Duke Blue Devils play led by the legendary Mike Krzyzewski "Coach K", who has won five National Championships. His 1071 wins is the most ever for men's college basketball. Also when it's UNC Tar Heels vs. NC State Wolfpack in either basketball or football, it's a big event.

Chances are like me; your teams are your teams for good at this stage/age. I still take pride in telling locals I am a NY Mets fan and not a Yankee fan. However, I've always admired Coach K. He's a well-respected winner year after year.

Get ready to hear often "You're fine" and that's in reference to it's OK and not your looks. Simply noted North Carolina is not like Florida which has many more transplanted New Yorkers. North Carolina is for sure more of the real South.


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    • profile image

      Southern by the grace of God 10 months ago

      Typical northern liberal lefty loons can't earn a living in their failed democrat run bankrupt (progressive ha ha) states so they move here to NC where we supposedly have it all wrong!

      You just have to love the retirees who move here instead of paying the social costs they voted for in their home states.

      Must be a liberal thing to not understand the irony. If the south is so wrong why are all you yankees rushing to get here. Have you ever met anyone from NY or NJ that is actually happy about anything? Please keep your hate in your state.

    • profile image

      Alison 12 months ago

      I moved to Raleigh NC from Boston a few yrs. ago. As a senior citizen, I moved here when I retired b/c I couldn't take the New England winters anymore. Fla. was never considered... too hot year round. Weather here in Raleigh much more desirable, and rents, homes, and condos affordable, and nice clean air. I miss my home state of NY from time to time, and still visit Manhattan, where I lived...even more crowded and expensive now... and loud. I've made many friends here in NC... quite a few born & raised here or somewhere else in the South, and others from all over the U.S. Joined 'Meetups' to meet people my age who still want to have fun and hikers, dancers, foodies, play-goers, concert-goers, etc. It took time & effort to meet people and find the 5-10 that fit so well with me! Love it here now... NY disco days are long gone! But I really do miss the

      $5.00 one lb. lobsters available in the Boston area. Had one every Friday night from Spring to Fall! Too expensive for Maine lobsters here in NC. Oh well.......

    • profile image

      FloridaIsHome 18 months ago

      I moved to Raleigh from the Tampa Bay area about 2 years ago. I now spend every weekend back in Florida. It is IMPOSSIBLE to overstate how absolutely horrible NC is. If I didn't travel, I'd fear being bored to death, for starters. Warning to those considering the move: IT'S NOT WORTH IT. PERIOD. (No amount of money or title change is worth living among these people - and I'm a conservative, this has nothing to do with politics. Run. Very far away.)

    • profile image

      Laura Mcmahon 22 months ago

      "Harris Teeter" market. Oh, and when the local women say, "...well, bless yer heart," it really translates to "...screw you"

    • profile image

      Laura Mcmahon 22 months ago

      So sad to have to live in Huntersville NC as result of my husband's job. Within a week of moving here I came out of the Harris Tester market to find a car with license plate "ARYIANMOM" I couldn't believe it so I took pics. Yes, and this law regarding transgender bathroom usage makes me equally sick. There's more sad to say, but it all adds up to missing home, anywhere in NY, NJ, CT.

    • profile image

      Robert 2 years ago

      Wow very insightful article that NY style pizza is more prevalent in NY than NC! Chewing tobacco, mountain dew, and college basketball is what we are known for? Do us all a favor and go back to NY.

    • profile image

      DW 2 years ago

      I don't find North Carolina to be more relaxed, just a bit slower. Southern hospitality is total myth perpetrated on others not in on the joke. A lot of Southerners tend to keep to themselves and their families and church and are not very casual or welcoming to newcomers. As a Pacific Northwesterner, I found that out the hard way when I tried talking to my new Southern neighbors in a casual friendly way like I did back in the PNW, and the men mistakenly thought I was coming on to them, while the women got all judgey and shut me out completely, like it was the 19th century and I was there to steal their husbands! Believe me, I wouldn't want your boring, clueless husbands if you paid me! It was so weird! Never have I seen such suspicious, mean-spirited people in all my life! In the Pacific Northwest I always met people who would invite me out to do things, but here in NC, everybody seems to be peeking out from behind their curtains. Totally paranoid. The New York and New Jersey transplants tend to be loud, rude, materialistic, and also seem to keep to themselves, so they're not much better. We're stuck here for a job, but at least I get to spend the horrible, hot , humid North Carolina summers away in the cool Puget Sound. Everybody who says how "beautiful" North Carolina is, is nuts and obviously hasn't traveled to the Pacific Northwest!

      Oh, and southerners really like their chain restaurants. Raleigh is full of them, and jam packed with people who know nothing about great food unless it's fried to death or on the verge of giving you diabetes. Damn this place sucks so bad! Do t fall for any of the hype!

    • profile image

      Aaron T 2 years ago

      Ok my fellow yanks listen up. If you live in the Triangle area and are looking for good NY style pizza head to Amedeos on western blvd in Raleigh near NC State. Theres another one called I Love NY Pizza on Hillsborough st near the NCSU library. BTW if you're in the Triad, go to Elizebeths Pizza. Therses several of them but the one by the mall in Winston-Salem is the best.

    • profile image

      Alex 3 years ago

      This was a good read for a new yorker thinking about moving down south.

    • profile image

      D Williams 3 years ago

      Had the same prob with the kinishes !!

    • profile image

      kim 3 years ago

      you southerners

    • jameswritesbest profile image

      jameswritesbest 4 years ago

      I went Charlotte once and really liked it. To me it was like a mini Manhattan, but cleaner. I don't hate NC by any means. Understand I think NC is a clean, peaceful, beautiful state with great new roads and affordable housing. I simply wished I could of made a living and stayed on. Peace

    • profile image

      brian p 4 years ago

      there's a reason people hate floridians and new yorkers........because you treat people like garbage and don't know how to enjoy life. Charlotte has become overrun with these transplants who have no respect for southern culture, i may just move down to South Carolina if this continues. RIP Charlotte as a southern city. Its now New New Jersey.

      -Lifetime Charlottean

    • profile image

      vj 4 years ago

      As a native North Carolinian, I found this article very insulting. Native Southerners really don't care how Northerners view our part of the country. We were happy when we had it to ourselves. We believe in Southern Hospitality, so we welcome people, but please don't don't come here and put us down. If you don't like it, go home. We will be FINE without you.

    • profile image

      Nc state 4 years ago

      You left wing nut jobs from up north don't bring your bad voting habits here in NC. We love our state as is. If you don't keep heading on down to Florida or farther. But I prefer y'all stay up there with that dummy Gov cuomo.

    • profile image

      Jersey Boy 4 years ago

      If the Yankees go back home you'll work even less than you do now...more time for muddin and drinkin shine on the back porch.

    • profile image

      Charlotte 5 years ago

      I wish the Yankees would go back home.

    • profile image

      NYer for life 5 years ago

      Hate the South stay in Y

    • profile image

      Gennaro Versichelli 5 years ago

      I enjoyed the atricle, especially, because I too, have just recently moved to, South Carolina. I could relate to being in an area that is far more rural than my roots, as a New Yorker. Very well written.

    • Randy M. profile image

      Randy McLaughlin 6 years ago from Liberia, Costa Rica

      I enjoyed several years in North Carolina as a young marine, but that is a whole different perspective and was long ago.

      The slower-paced, peaceful change will add years to your life. Maybe the lack of variety of bakery goods will help as well.

      I have never heard of CARY before. What exactly are they referring to?


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